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Topic Welcome to the IRV Redemption. Currently breaking in the new ship. OOC channel is #IcarusOOC
[00:57]<Pig_catapult>Epiphany writes /Try LSD./
[00:57]<Snoogitov>Loki thinks for a bit
[00:57]<Cass>"Acid, not ganja, but yes."
[00:57]<Snoogitov>"Does it look like a minecart?"
[00:57]<Pig_catapult>[You know what they say about great minds]
[00:58]<Cass>[hydro, does the minecart resemble any transportation devices used aboard ship?]
[00:58]<Cass>"No, the minecart is something else, and it's loaded with explosives."
[00:58]<Pig_catapult>Epiphany considers a moment. /Actually, you probably shouldn't try LSD. We deal with enough crazy shit without chemical assistance./
[00:58]<Pig_catapult> /That was poor wording on may part/
[00:59]<Lincoln>[like I said, the minecart is oversized, you don't really recognize it]
[00:59]<Snoogitov>"How do you know if the thing makes us hallucinate. What if it wants us to think it's something else but really it's a weedplane. What if you're not Casimiro but a beautiful lady?"
[00:59]<Cass>"So that's why you're killing those men in melee rather than us simply blowing them up."
[00:59]<Snoogitov>"Wait what? Why am I killing cowboys?"
[00:59]* Cassleans in towards Loki. "Want to check that, baby boy?"
[00:59]<Snoogitov>Loki thinks that sentence is retarded.
[01:00]<Cass>[cass is older and scarred]
[01:00]<Snoogitov>[I mean the cowboys sentence, not yours]
[01:01]<Cass>"You're killing those cowboys because they have explosives we need, a route to the shuttle, and are batshit. Peaceful approach could get us all killed."
[01:01]<Snoogitov>"What if they're nice guys? What if those explosives are for us? Have you SEEN a movie? Cowboys are always nice guys."
[01:01]<Snoogitov>Loki does not think to whether or not he's ever seen a western film.
[01:02]<Snoogitov>"I'm going to go say hi, you hang back, and if they don't help us out take 'em out."
[01:02]<Pig_catapult>Epiphany writes /Peaceful approach could get us killed./
[01:02]<Snoogitov>"It's not like I matter, I mean, I'm already dead, so you said."
[01:02]<Cass>"That one has a black hat on. And whether or not they're nice guys is irrelevant. They're dangerous and hallucinating. But as long as it's only you at risk, fine."
[01:02]<Snoogitov>[hahaha black hat]
[01:03]<Snoogitov>"You guys all gotta grow a pair of balls."
[01:03]<Snoogitov>Loki looks at the females.
[01:03]<Snoogitov>"Not literally."
[01:03]* Cassdraws the shotgun, and passes his Taser to Acerbus. "You'll get one shot. Wait for me to fire, then take it."
[01:03]<Pig_catapult>Acerbus nods. "They. . . won't die from it, will they?"
[01:03]<Snoogitov>"Wait for me to try this shit out, man. You gotta think. If they want beef, we'll bring the ruckus."
[01:04]<Cass>[female, singular. Acerbus is male, averna is female but she's a ghost living in his head and has no body for balls to grow on]
[01:04]<Cass>"No. That's what this is for."
[01:04]<Snoogitov>[right, still somewhat confused about that, give it time to sink in]
[01:04]<Pig_catapult>[For reference, Epiphany is the only female-bodied person there.]
[01:04]<Snoogitov>"Okay well I'm going to go distance myself from you so you don't cry like a girl."
[01:04]<Cass>[well, loki's basically a girl, but we don't talk about it out of respect.]
[01:05]<Snoogitov>Loki looks for an angle to approach some cowboys without drawing direct attention to the others.
[01:05]<Cass>"Go stand in my field of fire."
[01:05]<Snoogitov>Loki sneaks up on the nearest cowboy.
[01:06]<Snoogitov>Loki taps him on the shoulder.
[01:06]<Lincoln>one of the cowboys is preping dynamite, you might be able to sneak up to him without them noticing
[01:06]<Pig_catapult>Acerbus very, very carefully starts taking aim now
[01:06]<Lincoln>roll 3d6
[01:06]* Cassaims at the cowboy furthest from loki, and will do so until Loki starts annoying him.
[01:06]<Pig_catapult>Acerbus aims for the guy most in the middle.
[01:07]<Cass>[you've got me-level luck]
[01:07]<Snoogitov>[that's not good?]
[01:07]<Snoogitov>[are we low oriented?]
[01:07]<Snoogitov>[I was all excited
[01:08]<Snoogitov>[but Loki's a ninja.]
[01:08]<Snoogitov>[and Abe Lincoln imagined him as a super ninja.]
[01:08]<Snoogitov>[ergo I should like travel via SHADOW or some bullshit]
[01:08]<Cass>[loki's a canadian]
[01:08]<Pig_catapult>[That's the way the cookie crumbles]
[01:08]<Snoogitov>[correction: travel via shadow and chop wood]
[01:08]<Cass>[he travels via zamboni]
[01:08]<Pig_catapult>[Zambonis are cool]
[01:09]<Lincoln>[for now, let's assume it failed, 15 is pretty bad]
[01:09]<Cass>[yes. Also, the opposite of stealthy]
[01:09]<Cass>[don't feel too bad, cass has massive per and I haven't rolled below a 10 on a per-check so far]
[01:10]<Lincoln>alrighty, loki almost gets up to the cowboy without raising any attention to himself, but then trips on some dynamite and lands on top of the cowboy
[01:10]<Pig_catapult>[In a compromising position? >:3 )
[01:11]<Snoogitov>"Oh hey, cowboy. How're the cows?"
[01:11]<Snoogitov>Loki struggles to at least socially recover, but is embarassed at his very limited cowboy knowledge.
[01:11]<Cass>"Our ninja, ladies and gentlemen."
[01:12]<Snoogitov>"Or boys."
[01:12]<Snoogitov>"Or are you part-cow?"
[01:12]<Snoogitov>"You're more man than boy."
[01:12]<Snoogitov>"Excuse me, I am crushing you, cowman."
[01:12]<Snoogitov>Loki tries to stand up.
[01:12]* Casslooks at Acerbus. "Be ready to fire."
[01:12]<Lincoln>"I. what?"
[01:13]<Snoogitov>Loki helps him up.
[01:13]<Lincoln>"what kind of sissy ass boy are you? where'd you come from?"
[01:13]<Pig_catapult>Acerbus doesn't nod, because he's too busy focusing on his shot
[01:13]<Snoogitov>"I was sent by the president of the United States of America."
[01:13]<Snoogitov>"To check out this project you have here."
[01:14]<Snoogitov>"Gimme the skinny."
[01:14]<Lincoln>"The president?"
[01:14]<Snoogitov>"Of the United States."
[01:14]<Lincoln>"heh, figures, never respond to our requests for marshals, never for aid"
[01:15]<Lincoln>"but the second we get even a lick of gold, taxman pops up"
[01:15]<Snoogitov>"No taxman, sir. What? How dare you."
[01:15]<Snoogitov>Loki knows from punk music that tax men are evil.
[01:16]<Lincoln>"No taxman? Then what are you doing here? What else would the federal government want with a bunch of treasure"
[01:16]<Snoogitov>"Let's just say I'm a friend. And uh. I can marshall shit. I guess?"
[01:16]<Snoogitov>Loki thinks.
[01:16]<Snoogitov>"Okay, I'll come clean. The president hasn't sent any marshalls, because..."
[01:16]<Snoogitov>Loki sighs.
[01:17]<Pig_catapult>[relevant: http://youtu.be/iqCn5nuasHM ]
[01:17]<Snoogitov>"...he honestly has no clue what the hell is going on here."
[01:17]<Snoogitov>"So he sent me to actually find out for certain what this operation IS, even."
[01:18]<Pig_catapult>[skip to 1:25]
[01:18]<Lincoln>"uh. this… this operation isn't really a government operation… We're treasure hunters. We uh, we found a safe rumored to contain aztec cold,left by cortez himself!"
[01:19]<Snoogitov>Only a few of those things make sense to Loki.
[01:20]<Snoogitov>"Oh. Alright. So you're loading up this giant cart with bombs and you're going to blow up this safe?"
[01:20]<Lincoln>he seems pretty proud of it, a couple others are gathers around loki at this point
[01:20]<Lincoln>[just to be clear loki, the minecart has a very large safe in it too"
[01:20]<Lincoln>"well yeah, how else you propose we get to the gold?
[01:21]<Snoogitov>"Can I see the safe? I might have an idea."
[01:21]<Lincoln>one of the other cowboys will draw his gun at loki
[01:21]<Cass>[Snoogy, Viktor is dead. How do you propose to steal without him?]
[01:22]<Lincoln>"You trying to steal our gold right out from under us boy?"
[01:22]<Snoogitov>[Loki doesn't give a shit about gold. He just wants bombs.]
[01:22]<Snoogitov>"No sir, in fact, you can search me if my idea works out. I won't have any gold on me. I don't even like gold. Allergic."
[01:22]<Snoogitov>This all makes perfect sense to Loki, and it shows.
[01:23]<Lincoln>"Allergic? To gold? Ain't never heard of nobody who didn't want gold"
[01:23]<Snoogitov>"Well, sir, I am the close friend of the most powerful man in the country. What use could I have for gold?"
[01:23]<Lincoln>"Now listen her son, You walk away right here, right now, we don't have to start filling you full of holes"
[01:25]<Snoogitov>"Woah, friend, I don't want your gold. Jeez. You found it. I DO, however, want your explosives. The president is a real stickler about those, and they might not be up to regulation. But that's bullshit for you because that's your safe, right?"
[01:25]<Snoogitov>"So I'm suggesting. Stay with me here."
[01:25]<Snoogitov>"That I open the safe another way, if I can, and you can watch me, I have government tools."
[01:25]<Snoogitov>"If I make any move for the gold then kill me, I don't care."
[01:26]<Snoogitov>"But if I do as I say, you give me your explosives, and I won't tell the president a word about this."
[01:26]<Lincoln>the other men are all looking at eachother
[01:26]<Lincoln>back and forth
[01:26]<Snoogitov>"Yeaaah? Yeeeeeahhh?"
[01:26]<Lincoln>"What kinda tool you got that could open this safe? You some kinda lock picker?"
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[01:27]<Snoogitov>"Lock chopper is more accurate."
[01:28]<Snoogitov>Loki thinks some more, wondering how cowboys would react to his sword.
[01:28]<Lincoln>"Lock… chopper?"
[01:29]<Snoogitov>"See, how I get it open isn't important. If I CAN get it open, it's all yours whether I'm dead or alive, and if I can't get it open, then I just walk away and you use your explosives."
[01:29]<Snoogitov>"It's win-win for you."
[01:30]-->|Cass (~Cassie@synIRC-55F8CE75.dllstx.fios.verizon.net) has joined #icarusproject
[01:31]<Snoogitov>"So c'mon Cowmen, show me the safe."
[01:31]<Lincoln>"Alright pretty boy, you got a deal, you go ahead and try and open that safe"
[01:31]<Snoogitov>"Thanks bro."
[01:32]<Lincoln>he shows you the minecart, and indeed there is a safe inside it covered in dynamite
[01:34]<Snoogitov>Is there a space for Loki to lightsaber the door without blowing up dynamite?
[01:35]<Lincoln>uhh if you brush some dynamite sure
[01:35]<Snoogitov>Loki gingerly lifts some dynamite away from the safe.
[01:35]<Snoogitov>He clears a space to Qui Gon Jinn the safe door.
[01:36]<Lincoln>alrighty loki, you have a clear shot
[01:36]<Snoogitov>How many cowboys are watching?
[01:36]<Lincoln>uhh 5, which is all of them
[01:37]<Lincoln>also another thing to note, this is probably waaayyyy to much explosives already
[01:37]<Lincoln>and they seem to have planned to use more
[01:37]<Snoogitov>Loki thinks about asking them to close their eyes. But then he realizes he doesn't care.
[01:37]<Snoogitov>"Okay you're about to see some crazy wazy government bullshit that'll blow your minds.
[01:38]<Snoogitov>Loki draws his sword
[01:38]<Snoogitov>And drives it slowly into the lock
[01:38]<Lincoln>alrighty, explain what the sword looks like, for cassy acerbus's and piff's sake
[01:39]<Snoogitov>Picture a white Katana hilt, except instead of a metal blade, it's a glowing green curve.
[01:39]<Pig_catapult>[So. . . katana lightsaber?]
[01:39]<Snoogitov>[basically, the green is solid though]
[01:39]<Snoogitov>[no gradients]
[01:40]<Snoogitov>[originally it was just a sword that lit up all rave style - Loki is kind of tacky sometimes]
[01:40]<Snoogitov>[but Lincoln didn't know that, so he thought it was a real lightsaber]
[01:40]<Pig_catapult>[oooh, I see]
[01:40]<Pig_catapult>[does it make lightsaber noises?]
[01:41]<Snoogitov>[faintly, I guess]
[01:41]<Snoogitov>[huh. Never considered that.]
[01:42]<Lincoln>[I'm fine with it making light saber noises]
[01:42]<Snoogitov>[yeah it does.]
[01:44]<Lincoln>alrighty, loki manages to pierce the sword into the top of the safe, I imagined he was standing on top of it, plunging it in, correct?
[01:44]<Snoogitov>[I was thinking I'd just melt the lock, but that works too]
[01:44]<Snoogitov>[more Loki-ish]
[01:45]<Lincoln>[the lock is on the top anyways]
[01:45]<Lincoln>Alrighty, loki, and everyone else hears and earshattering scream
[01:45]<Lincoln>The minecart and safe turn into the shuttle once more.
[01:45]<Cass>[fuck, it was a prisoner]
[01:46]<Lincoln>the cowboys are all cowering on the ground
[01:46]<Snoogitov>Loki's eyes go wide.
[01:46]<Lincoln>in the fetal position, for the rest of you, it's bad, but not that bad
[01:46]<Snoogitov>Loki's mind goes blank.
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[01:47]<Cass>"KEEP CUTTING!"
[01:47]<Lincoln>"WHERE DID YOU COME FROM!?"
[01:47]<Cass>"Loki, that's an order!"
[01:47]<Snoogitov>"I DON'T KNOW I'M SORRY"
[01:47]<Snoogitov>"SHUT UP CASSY YOU'RE OLD"
[01:47]<Lincoln>"HOW DID YOU GET HIS POWER?"
[01:47]<Pig_catapult>A whimper that probably wasn't Acerbus rises from his throat
[01:47]<Cass>"Loki, I want that thing in pieces smaller than my testes, and I want it yesterday!"
[01:48]<Cass>"Averna, sorry, but I want an analysis of Loki's sword, ASAP."
[01:48]<Snoogitov>[so what am I cutting? I'm a little confused]
[01:48]<Cass>[you just cut into the shuttlecraft]
[01:49]<Lincoln>[the evil one.]
[01:49]<Pig_catapult>Averna mutters "I hate you" and Acerbus's right pupil lights up.
[01:49]<Snoogitov>[so why the screaming?]
[01:49]<Pig_catapult>[it's alive]
[01:49]<Snoogitov>"WHY IS IT YELLING AT ME?!
[01:49]<Cass>"I'll get you a prisoner to torture or something."
[01:50]<Cass>"Because it's crazy and evil. Kill it, ninja!"
[01:50]<Snoogitov>Loki feels appreciated.
[01:50]<Pig_catapult>Averna cringes, and Acerbus drops the taser in her haste to cover that eye up.
[01:50]<Lincoln>"KILLL HIIIM"
[01:50]<Snoogitov>"AYE AYE!!!"
[01:50]<Snoogitov>Loki starts hacking away with his lightsaber.
[01:50]* Cassopens fire on the cowboys.
[01:50]<Lincoln>all the cowboys get up like they are in a trance, guns point at loki
[01:51]<Pig_catapult>"The brightest, darkest red I've ever seen."
[01:51]<Lincoln>alrighty, cassy combat rolls
[01:52]<Lincoln>alrighty you manage to snipe one of the cowboys in the head
[01:52]<Cass>[rifle is 20, so shotgun IIRC defaults to 18]
[01:52]<Pig_catapult>[sounds right to me]
[01:52]<Lincoln>[I assumed you went with the rifle?]
[01:53]<Cass>[there weren't any rifles, I thought, which is why he took the shotty.]
[01:53]<Pig_catapult>[Didn't Janus have the rifle when he turned into a pickle?]
[01:53]<Lincoln>[uh I thought you had a rifle on you… like, a normal rifle.]
[01:54]<Cass>[I never specified anything beyond the taser and the shotty I loaned to janus, but I'll take it.]
[01:55]<Lincoln>[also, i said no Anti material rifles, not no rifles at all]
[01:55]<Lincoln>[uhh didn't I? That's what I was trying to say...]
[01:56]<Cass>[also no ARs, and even cass wouldn't anticipate needing a sniper's rifle aboard ship]
[01:56]<Cass>[whatever, I'll take the rifle or the shotty]
[01:56]<Lincoln>alrighty then, cass has a rifle which he used to shoot one guy in the head
[01:56]<Cass>s only a 50' range]
[01:58]<Cass>"I'm going to kill each of you, then use that sword to cut the shuttle down for dildos!"
[01:59]<Pig_catapult>". . . Do I even want to know what you plan to do with those?" Averna asks.
[02:00]<Lincoln>loki, okay, one cowboy shot loki in the shoulder, loki is able to dodge the rest"
[02:00]<Cass>"Anything to get attention away from Loki."
[02:00]<Cass>"It's a long shot, but I don't think the sword has the power, I think it's him."
[02:00]<Lincoln>they don't appear to notice you assy
[02:00]<Cass>"Meaning he can't die until after we kill the shuttle.'
[02:00]<Cass>[like I said, long shot]
[02:01]<Pig_catapult>She's still covering Acerbus's right eye with both hands, but glances around with the other. Are the shadow's good?
[02:02]<Pig_catapult>More specifically, Acerbus's shadow
[02:02]<Pig_catapult>Also, I rolled an 11 against 12 for my resist-phobia roll.
[02:03]<Lincoln>uh yes, actually, it was high noon before, but it appears the sun has faltered a bit and gone down
[02:03]<Pig_catapult>Can she get behind one of 'em?
[02:04]<Lincoln>yes, she could jump through the shadow of the shuttle
[02:04]<Pig_catapult>"Gonna try something," Averna says. "Try not to hit me."
[02:05]<Snoogitov>Loki takes the bullet like a champ. The pain is, yep, it's definitely real. Ouch. Okay. I may or may not be dead, but that bitch stung like I'm alive.
[02:05]<Snoogitov>A familiar feeling sweels in Loki's veins.
[02:06]<Pig_catapult>She teleports down behind one of 'em, rolls 12 against 13 for dex to put her hands around his neck, and starts squeezing. The guy's flesh also starts to sizzle.
[02:06]<Snoogitov>It's something he hasn't felt in years, a feeling that makes him feel invincible.
[02:06]<Snoogitov>Pure adrenaline.
[02:06]<Snoogitov>"YOU COWMEN FUCKERS CAN'T DO SHIT TO ME." Loki stabs into the shuttle, his face tensing up in focus.
[02:07]<Pig_catapult>She gets Acerbus's mouth up next to her poor victim's ear, and whispers "Scream for me."
[02:07]* Cassputs a bullet through the eye of the one that shot loki. [rolled 5]
[02:07]<Cass>"He's even been killed once!"
[02:07]<Lincoln>he screams like a little girl
[02:08]<Lincoln>uhh that was for averna
[02:09]<Pig_catapult>Averna absently licks Acerbus's lips. "I think I'll be keeping your finger after this. Been a while since I took one of those."
[02:09]<Pig_catapult>*your ring finger
[02:09]<Snoogitov>Loki grits his teeth.
[02:10]<Pig_catapult>[way to go, me, forgetting the most important word in the sentence]
[02:10]<Lincoln>he faints. apparently averna scared a hypnotized man.
[02:10]<Lincoln>also loki 3d6 please
[02:10]<Lincoln>this is for a strength role
[02:11]<Pig_catapult>Averna grins, and shoves him at the nearest other cowboy [rolled 5 against 15]
[02:11]<Snoogitov>[3, bitch]
[02:11]<Snoogitov>[Yeah nigga]
[02:11]<Snoogitov>[want screencaps?]
[02:11]<Pig_catapult>[That is the most critical of successes]
[02:12]<Lincoln>no no I believe you
[02:13]<Lincoln>alright loki slices the entire shuttle in half, it wretches in horrible horrible agony
[02:14]<Snoogitov>[fucking awesome. Can't think of a better time for me to have that roll]
[02:14]<Snoogitov>[maybe to survive heroin]
[02:14]<Lincoln>the hallucinations all quickly start to evaporite, leaving everyone once again on the deck of the shuttle
[02:15]<Lincoln>[first crit success of the game if I recall]
[02:15]<Cass>[good time for it, too]
[02:15]<Snoogitov>Loki sheathes his sword.
[02:15]<Pig_catapult>[I couldn't agree more]
[02:16][INFO]The view “#icarusproject has been saved to <file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Marie/Desktop/RPGstuff/Icarus/Shuttle%20Crisis%20pt%204.htm>.
[02:16]<Cass>[is Averna standing down?]
[02:16]<Lincoln>[I was just thinking, alrighty I know exactly what to do as long as he doesn't roll a-god damn it a 3]
[02:16]<Snoogitov>Bleeding from his shoulder, he cracks his neck like a pro.
[02:16]<Snoogitov>Hand on hilt, he turns his head to the others.
[02:16]<Snoogitov>"So what now bros?"
[02:17]<Cass>"Nice to see your vacation hasn't made you soft. I don't think you could have done that back on earth."
[02:17]<Pig_catapult>Averna draws her knife and goes over to the fainted guy. "Now. . . I decide left or right."
[02:17]<Snoogitov>"Fuck yeah I could have. I'm a ninja. What do you know?"
[02:18]<Lincoln>"this…this…is not the last time you've heard fro- from me…"
[02:18]<Snoogitov>Loki frowns and turns his body away.
[02:18]<Cass>"Come, talk to me, and don't pay any attention to what you may or may not hear."
[02:18]<Lincoln>The shuttle is still speaking
[02:18]<Pig_catapult>Epiphany flips it the bird.
[02:18]<Cass>"When we debrief, that man was already dead."
[02:19]<Pig_catapult>Averna nods, picks right, and gleefully harvests her trophy.
[02:19]<Lincoln>actually, loki, gimmie another 3d6
[02:19]<Cass>"Now that Averna's done, we leave and have them dump the trash into space."
[02:19]<Lincoln>this will be mental
[02:19]<Lincoln>will to be specific
[02:20]* Cassturns on the radio. "Captain, mission accomplished, minimal casualties."
[02:20]<Lincoln>"Jesus what happened down there?!"
[02:21]<Cass>"You'll get a full debrief in person, not over an unsecured connection."
[02:22]<Lincoln>alrighty, your sword wishes to draw itself, but you think you can resist if you wish, do you?
[02:22]<Snoogitov>I do.
[02:22]<Snoogitov>going "C'mon man, cut that out"
[02:22]<Lincoln>it seems fairly insistent on the matter.
[02:22]* Cassgoes from impressed to worried to impassive in about 2 seconds."
[02:22]<Snoogitov>"Don't be an asshole."
[02:23]<Snoogitov>Loki holds the hilt with both hands.
[02:23]<Snoogitov>frowning at it
[02:23]<Lincoln>it seems to be bombarding you with come ons.
[02:23]<Pig_catapult>Averna takes another peek with her Soulsight
[02:23]<Snoogitov>Dude i JUST drew you.
[02:23]<Snoogitov>"Dude, I JUST drew you."
[02:23]<Snoogitov>"There's nothing left to slay man not now."
[02:23]<Snoogitov>"Shut up."
[02:23]<Snoogitov>"You heard me."
[02:23]<Pig_catapult>Epiphany looks worried.
[02:23]* Cassmoves closer to support Averna.
[02:23]<Snoogitov>"I don't care!"
[02:23]<Lincoln>very dark red line seems to be leading off to some other part of the ship
[02:23]<Lincoln>from it*
[02:24]<Snoogitov>"You are a sword you are not sentient."
[02:24]<Lincoln>alrighty snoogy another will check.
[02:24]<Snoogitov>"I will NOT apologize."
[02:24]<Pig_catapult>"It's connected to something that is," Averna says.
[02:24]<Snoogitov>[10 - 1, 4, 5]
[02:24]<Lincoln>itttt beats you this time.
[02:24]<Cass>"Red lines?"
[02:25]<Pig_catapult>Averna starts following the red line "Not sure where it goes. . ."
[02:25]<Snoogitov>"Okay! Just for a bit!"
[02:25]<Snoogitov>Loki draws his sword.
[02:25]<Cass>"Captain, there may be an infestation, we're tracking."
[02:25]<Pig_catapult>She is hoping that whatever it is,it's stabbable, too
[02:25]* Casstakes aim at his hands. "Loki, put it up."
[02:26]<Lincoln>"Wha- wha no! NO!" a visible to all dark crimsons light starts to appear around the shuttle
[02:26]<Lincoln>loki, the sword pulls itself straight into the air, and seems to be sucking in the light.
[02:26]<Pig_catapult>Epiphany starts shuffling backwards away from it.
[02:27]<Pig_catapult>Averna, meanwhile, is already sprinting for the door
[02:27]* Cassheads for the door. "The shuttle is ACTIVE. When we're clear, flush the bay into space."
[02:27]<Snoogitov>"HEY YOU CUT THAT SHIT OUT"
[02:27]<Snoogitov>Loki struggles to put it back in the sheathe.
[02:28]<Pig_catapult>Epiphany waves to try to get Cass's attention
[02:28]<Lincoln>alrighty, onnnee more will save
[02:28]<Snoogitov>[Haha! 1, 2, 1]
[02:28]* Cassgrabs the doctor's strap.
[02:28]<Pig_catapult>Epiphany smiles a little. "Thanks."
[02:29]<Snoogitov>"MIND. YOUR. MANNERS."
[02:29]<Lincoln>alrighty, the sword is resheathed before it manages to actually consume the light, which appears to wimper back to the bits of shuttle left.
[02:31]<Lincoln>uh as wimpering as a colored light can look
[02:31]<Pig_catapult>sulks, perhaps?
[02:31]<Lincoln>yes, sulking too
[02:32]<Lincoln>It's almost pitable
[02:32]<Snoogitov>"I wish I could say that this happens sometimes."
[02:32]<Snoogitov>"But it doesn't."
[02:32]<Snoogitov>"I have no idea what that was about."
[02:32]<Cass>[uh, everyone else is almost to the door]
[02:32]<Pig_catapult>"RUN! IDIOT!" Epiphany yells at him.
[02:32]<Lincoln>Also, averna, the line rapidly recedes
[02:33]<Snoogitov>Loki rolls his eyes.
[02:33]<Pig_catapult>Averna is not looking back.
[02:33]<Pig_catapult>She's just running.
[02:33]<Pig_catapult>She's probably not going to stop once she gets through the door out
[02:34]<Snoogitov>Loki struts on after them.
[02:34]<Lincoln>just to let you guys know, there are four unconsious dudes lying about on the floor.
[02:34]<Pig_catapult>And the one dead dude?
[02:34]<Cass>2 dead dudes, IIRC
[02:35]<Lincoln>who else died?
[02:35]<Pig_catapult>Cass headshotted a dude, Averna cooked another guy's throat.
[02:36]<Cass>[cass got 2, 'I thought]
[02:36]<Lincoln>averna's dude miiiigghhhtt not be dead
[02:36]<Lincoln>but cassy is right two are dead
[02:37]* Pig_catapultis pretty bad at keeping track of body counts, tbh
[02:37]<Lincoln>in anycase, 3 bodies lie on the floor
[02:38][INFO]The view “#icarusproject has been saved to <file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Marie/Desktop/RPGstuff/Icarus/Shuttle%20Crisis%20pt%204.htm>.
[02:38]<Snoogitov>Loki ignores them and brushes any dirt off of his white clothes
[02:39]<Pig_catapult>Neither Averna nor Piff care enough to help them, either, and Epiphany's not physically capable of it.
[02:40]<Cass>Cass considered them dead from the moment he saw them
[02:40]<Lincoln>the captain will pipe up on the radio "We are going to evacuate the shuttle bay, is it all clear yet?"
[02:41]<Snoogitov>Loki inspects his nails, and coughs.
[02:42]<Pig_catapult>Averna is about halfway to her quarters by now.
[02:43]<Pig_catapult>Once she gets there, she will lock the door and hide under the bed.
[02:44]<Pig_catapult>[The communist dust bunnies will defend her]
[02:44]<Pig_catapult>[. . . or something]
[02:44]<Snoogitov>Loki yawns.
[02:44]<Cass>[where's loki]
[02:45]<Snoogitov>[he's by you]
[02:45]<Lincoln>[You know, I don't think I ever expected her to do that. I really don't think I could have ever predicted a couple weeks ago he would do that]
[02:45]<Cass>"Bay's clear. Lock the hatches, blow it into space."
[02:45]<Pig_catapult>[Neither could I]
[02:46]<Cass>[I thought loki was still dawdling]
[02:46]<Cass>[yeah, averna could really do with a ride in Janus right about now. Think Piff will loan her the pickle?]
[02:47]<Pig_catapult>[I'm not sure that would occur to either of them]
[02:47]<Lincoln>" Alright good opening the bay doors in 3-2-1… shit. Shit! why won't they ope- god damn it, are you sure the rooms clear?"
[02:47]<Snoogitov>Loki realizes his shirt is getting stained red.
[02:48]<Snoogitov>"SON OF A BITCH. I'm bleeding. I forgot."
[02:48]<Snoogitov>Loki looks around.
[02:48]<Snoogitov>"Anybody have some heroin?"
[02:48]<Cass>"There's casualties, but they should be considered lost. They were under direct control and showed no signs of humanity."
[02:48]<Cass>"They remain in the bay."
[02:49]<Lincoln>"You fucking idiot when I ask you if there is anybody left in the bay, you fucking tell me"
[02:50]<Snoogitov>Loki takes the radio.
[02:50]<Cass>"No one who matters. Override the safties, blow the demon shuttle to hell."
[02:50][INFO]The view “#icarusproject has been saved to <file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Marie/Desktop/RPGstuff/Icarus/Shuttle%20Crisis%20pt%204.htm>.
[02:50]<Lincoln>"I can't you idiot lil-the AI won't let me."
[02:51]<Lincoln>"Get those men out of there, now!"
[02:51]<Pig_catapult>[This might be a job for NPC Crewman #3]
[02:52]<Cass>"Cazzo. We warned you about that thing. Loki, we're on a retrieval mission."
[02:52]<Pig_catapult>Epiphany writes, /Loki seems to be bleeding out./
[02:52]<Cass>[the taser fell outside the bay, correct?]
[02:53]<Cass>"Bind it on the move. Let's go."
[02:53]<Cass>"I'm only making one trip."
[02:54]* Cassheads towards the crewmen.
[02:54]<Lincoln>you can here a man running up behind you
[02:55]<Lincoln>it is not super man. It is NPC crewman #3
[02:55]<Pig_catapult>[I'm going to go add that to his list of names]
[02:55]<Cass>"Good to see you. Follow me, we're resquing your friends."
[02:56]<Lincoln>he nods and follows
[02:56]<Lincoln>[and awesome pig
[02:57]<Cass>[how many crewmen survived?]
[02:57]<Cass>[and where did acerbus drop my taser?]
[02:57]<Lincoln>Cassy, you notice the rubble of the shuttle appears to be reforming
[02:57]<Pig_catapult>[It should be at the top of the ramp thing?]
[02:57]<Lincoln>think t-2000 from t-2
[02:58]<Lincoln>but very slow
[02:59]<Cass>[how many crewmen are alive, and did loki follow me?]
[02:59]<Snoogitov>[assume Loki is following you but barely paying attention
[03:00]<Snoogitov>[sorry, that wasn't very clear at all]
[03:00]* Cassindicates the 2 most lively crewmen. "Loki, take that one to saftey, you, grab the one on the right. I'll check the vitals on the other 2."
[03:02]<Snoogitov>Loki casts a dull look over Casimiro. It actually isn't quite at Casimiro, more in the vague area, as if Loki doesn't take him seriously enough to give him a direct look.
[03:03]<Snoogitov>He looks at the crewman.
[03:03]<Snoogitov>"Wasn't he a cowboy like two minutes ago?
[03:03]<Lincoln>alrighty, npc crewman #3 takes picks up one of the fellows and drags him outside
[03:03]<Lincoln>"Cowboy? Oh the things you come up with Robin, where's batman anyways?
[03:03]<Cass>"Yes. It's not exactly any odder than what we used to get up to. Now get him to safety."
[03:03]* Cassstarts checking pulses.
[03:03]<Snoogitov>"He's a pickle and I ate him."
[03:04]<Lincoln>"ha! more good material… too good"
[03:04]<Snoogitov>[Which cowboy was he? Does Loki recognize him?]
[03:04]<Lincoln>[he was not a cowboy, he ran down the hallway]
[03:05]<Snoogitov>[oh, okay]
[03:05]<Snoogitov>"Nah, this guy wasn't. Alright, farter, I'll take him."
[03:05]<Lincoln>also cassy burn throat guy is alive, other guy is not
[03:05]<Snoogitov>Loki drags him out, potentially bleeding all over him.
[03:06]<Lincoln>npc crewman #3 keeps a close eye on loki
[03:06]* Cassgrabs the living one and starts carrying him. "Doc, treat Loki."
[03:06]* Casssnags the taser on his way out.
[03:06]<Lincoln>you might wanna hurry a bit the shuttle is going faster
[03:07]<Cass>[do you really want to force cass to choose between a human being and a weapon?]
[03:08]<Pig_catapult>Epiphany writes /I'm not an MD!/
[03:08]* Cassruns as well as he can under the weight.
[03:09]<Lincoln>[it's not a choice if it's his own life too]
[03:09]<Pig_catapult>She rummages a roll of gauze and some cotton pads out of her pockets, offers them to Loki. She then starts texting medical
[03:09]<Cass>[Cass abandons the weapn. Damn acerbus.]
[03:10]<Pig_catapult>[Although technically it was Averna that dropped it]
[03:11]<Cass>[I know, and it was my decision]
[03:11]<Lincoln>alrighty, you manage to make it out, the door slams behind you, and you hear a lot of suction.
[03:11]<Pig_catapult> /Outsid shttl bat. guy bleding out./
[03:12]<Pig_catapult> /gsw/
[03:12]<Lincoln>over the loudspeaker now "alright everyone it's gone… anyone injured or seeing any injured crewman, please alert medical or bring the to sickbay if they're stable enough"
[03:13]<Lincoln>pff will get a /what? I don't understand/ back
[03:13]<Pig_catapult>[gsw is medical shorthand for "gunshot wound"]
[03:13]* Casswill get on the radio to medical.
[03:14]<Lincoln>[oh is it? Okay that would have gotten an affermitive back then]
[03:15]<Lincoln>in anycase, good stopping point, ja?
[03:15]<Cass>it's an hour later than I wanted
[03:15]<Pig_catapult>I've been putting off my evening meds for 3 hours. >.>
[03:16]* Pig_catapulttakes them now