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Topic Welcome to the IRV Redemption. Currently breaking in the new ship. OOC channel is #IcarusOOC
[23:35]<Snoogitov>"What the hell am I talking about bananas for? This shit's STRAWBERRY."
[23:36]<Snoogitov>Loki finishes his drink
[23:36]<Cass>"Jamaica. When they're not growing marijana and heroin."
[23:36]<Snoogitov>"Marijuana is illegal, Casimiro."
[23:37]<Snoogitov>Loki frowns, seemingly directed both at himself as well as Casimiro.
[23:37]<Cass>"This is Lincoln's dream. I don't think anything is illegal."
[23:37]<Pig_catapult>[Sanity is illegal]
[23:38]<Snoogitov>"Lincoln's dream? What the banana are you talking about?"
[23:39]<Snoogitov>His brow furrows and his head tilts like somebody noticing their insanity.
[23:39]<Snoogitov>"What the hell is with me and bananas today"
[23:39]<Lincoln>"Dream? I am not dreaming cassy! silly cassy, if I was dreaming, would I be riding this lama?"
[23:39]<Lincoln>lincoln is now riding a lama
[23:39]<Cass>"You've always been a bit bananas."
[23:40]<Snoogitov>"So. What brings you to Montana. Please tell me, it might explain what brings ME to Montana."
[23:41]<Cass>"I walked into my room. This is apparently my room after I left Lincon in it."
[23:41]<Snoogitov>"Fuck off, Cassie. You can't just walk into homes and claim them to be your room. This isn't Italy."
[23:41]<Lincoln>piff, the monks will greet you back with a wave
[23:42]<Snoogitov>"You can't just take what doesn't belong to you and make it your own spicy meatball."
[23:42]<Cass>"What about you? Last time I saw you, you were bleeding to death after having heroin poured down your throat."
[23:42]<Snoogitov>"And you mean the magical healing solution? It did exactly what the name implies, dummy."
[23:42]<Snoogitov>"Lincoln SAVED me."
[23:42]<Lincoln>lincoln puffs up very proudly.
[23:42]<Cass>"The heroin didn't exactly keep you from bleeding to death. I read your obituary."
[23:43]<Snoogitov>Loki puts his arm around Lincoln, pointing like "this guyyyyy"
[23:43]<Lincoln>"ah, it was nothing loki! you would have done the same for me!"
[23:43]<Cass>"well, not obituary so much as newspaper report of a crime, but your death was mentioned."
[23:43]<Snoogitov>"Obituary? Like, in newspapers? I made the papers?"
[23:44]<Snoogitov>Loki can't help but feel a child-like sense of pride.
[23:44]<Pig_catapult>Epiphany scribbles down a /Hi/
[23:44]<Cass>"Congratulations. You're a terrorist responsible for the deaths of several cops and one small child."
[23:45]<Snoogitov>"Fucking. Rad. I bet those no good high school kids... in those high schools... I bet they talked about it. Do you think they talked about it?"
[23:46]<Snoogitov>Loki notices his glass is empty. His face contorts into that of crushing disappointment.
[23:46]<Lincoln>the monks will all gather around piff "hello child! where are your parents?
[23:46]<Snoogitov>"Looks like you bit off more you can chew... liquid wise... old bean."
[23:46]<Pig_catapult>Epiphany winces. /They died a long time ago./
[23:47]* Cassheads for the bar. "Want a drink?"
[23:48]<Lincoln>"I… see, my apologies for bringing it up, child"
[23:51]<Snoogitov>"You know what, Casimiro, you're a stand up guy."
[23:52]<Snoogitov>A random pang of missing Tony strikes Loki.
[23:52]<Snoogitov>Loki remembers that Tony to Loki to a strip club and then convinced every single bouncer to kick the shit out of him.
[23:52]<Pig_catapult>Piff writes, /It's not your fault. It's. . . a question I get a lot./
[23:52]* Casscomes back with a glass of wine and a mojito.
[23:52]<Snoogitov>The feeling subsides.
[23:52]<Snoogitov>"What the fuck is this."
[23:53]<Cass>"A fruit drink with no actual alcohol. I thought you liked those."
[23:53]<Snoogitov>"Lately I've been pretty into like, self-inflicted oblivion."
[23:53]<Snoogitov>Loki tries to look dead inside, but mostly looks constipated.
[23:54]<Snoogitov>"Fuck it."
[23:54]<Snoogitov>Loki takes the drink and immediately sips, betraying a smile at the flavor.
[23:59]<Lincoln>"if it helps, remember life and death are like winter and spring, death merely the compilation of the moment. They are like winter in spring. You don't call winter the beginning of spring nor summer the end of spring…" the other monks all nod incredibly sagely
[00:04]<Pig_catapult>Piff thinks for a moment, then writes, /Sometimes, winter can feel very long./
[00:08]<Lincoln>"when it gets cold and the nights long, just remember spring always comes." more sagely noding
[00:08]<Snoogitov>Loki softly farts, and looks to Casimiro to see if he heard. The look guarantees that even had Casimiro not heard, he certainly knew now.
[00:09]<Lincoln>suddenly the world starts to shake.
[00:10]* Cassshoots a look full of disdain towards Loki.
[00:10]* Casslooks for Abe.
[00:10]<Lincoln>a vague feeling of dread fills everyone.
[00:10]<Lincoln>Abe's still wandering around
[00:10]<Lincoln>he doesn't seem to have noticed
[00:11]<Lincoln>nor have any of the other party guests
[00:11]* Casslooks at Loki. Is he reacting?
[00:12]<Lincoln>he seems to, be just barely
[00:12]<Snoogitov>Loki opens his mouth, then shuts it rapidly, his cheeks puffing out slightly.
[00:12]<Snoogitov>He looks utterly terrified of his secret.
[00:13]<Cass>"Loooki, what's happening?"
[00:13]<Lincoln>the room shakes again
[00:13]<Snoogitov>"NOTHING DON'T INHALE."
[00:14]<Snoogitov>Loki wonders if he is worrying too much about this.
[00:14]* Cassholds his breath.
[00:14]<Pig_catapult>Meanwhile, outside, Averna has found a nice corner to cower in.
[00:15]<Lincoln>averna will notice the sky turn crimson
[00:16]<Pig_catapult>"I want to go home. . . ."
[00:16]<Lincoln>the mountains seem to be quivering in the distance
[00:16]<Pig_catapult>. . . Good job.
[00:16]<Pig_catapult>You made Averna cry.
[00:16]<Pig_catapult>I didn't think that was possible.
[00:16]<Snoogitov>Seeing Cass hold his breath, Loki feels comfortable that his indigestion will remain undetected, yet somehow, he isn't at ease.
[00:20]* Cassmoves to the doorway
[00:21]<Cass>[what's happening outside?]
[00:21]<Lincoln>cassy, you can see the quivering mountains too.
[00:22]<Lincoln>you get the feeling you should leave. As quickly as possible.
[00:23]<Cass>[how far did we walk to get here? I thought it was a few miles at least.]
[00:24]<Lincoln>[a mile or two, you walked if you ran you could probably get out a lot faster[
[00:24]* Cassshouts "Everyone who wants to live, head for the exit."
[00:25]<Pig_catapult>Piff shuffles towards the exit.
[00:25]* Cassstarts running, but not sprinting. He needs to actually make it 2 miles.
[00:26]<Pig_catapult>Acerbus is sitting by one of the walls outside, looking completely unbothered.
[00:26]<Lincoln>the party guests all just look at cassy funnily
[00:28]<Cass>[I thought Averna was panicking]
[00:29]<Pig_catapult>[Oh yes. And then Acerbus thought "It's not THAT bad", and she tossed him into control of the body because that was just plain the last straw]
[00:30]<Lincoln>[hence acerbus is looking unbothered, not averna]
[00:30]<Cass>[ugh, I want to redact, but that's too much.]
[00:30]<Snoogitov>Loki stumbles outside
[00:31]<Cass>"Acerbus. Grab the doctor, follow me, don't slow down."
[00:31]<Pig_catapult>Acerbus nods, obeys.
[00:33]<Lincoln>the world in the distance seems to fade into nothingness
[00:33]<Lincoln>around the mountaintops, that is
[00:34]* Cassheads for the door.
[00:34]<Pig_catapult>Epiphany checks her pockets to make sure the pickle is still there
[00:34]<Cass>[he's going just slow enough for Acerbus to keep up, and doesn't look happy about that.
[00:34]<Lincoln>the pickle is still in piff pocket
[00:35]<Pig_catapult>Epiphany decides to remove the pickle form her pocket before they go through the door, but is still holding onto it.
[00:36]<Pig_catapult>If Acerbus knew how to do the teleporting thing on his own, he would, but he doesn't, so he can't.
[00:36]<Lincoln>piff is now holding the pickle, snoogy, what's loki up to/
[00:40]<Snoogitov>He's around.
[00:40]<Lincoln>is he running away or standing around?
[00:41]<Snoogitov>Following Cass
[00:41]<Cass>does he follow cass' run for the exit?
[00:41]<Snoogitov>Yes, he is sheilding his drink so as to not spill anything
[00:41]<Snoogitov>[Sorry, thought it was implied, I'm rusty]
[00:41]<Lincoln>[it's fine, just wanted to be sure]
[00:41]<Snoogitov>whenever he gets drank on his hand he brings it to his mouth and slurps it
[00:42]<Lincoln>as you race towards the door, you notice the world seems to be slipping away turning into a white nothingness.
[00:43]<Lincoln>just as you reach the door, everything part from it and the ground your running on does not seem to exist anymore
[00:45]<Pig_catapult>Epiphany looks quite worried.
[00:45]<Pig_catapult>Acerbus doesn't.
[00:45]<Snoogitov>Loki throws his mojito in a random direction and pulls his hair taut
[00:46]<Snoogitov>"FUUUUUUCK THIIIIIIS"
[00:46]<Lincoln>I assume you all exit through the door?
[00:46]<Snoogitov>It becomes evident that Loki is going to need a little help.
[00:46]<Pig_catapult>I assume so.
[00:47]<Lincoln>the mojito disappears when loki throws it.
[00:47]* Cassgrabs Loki and drags him through the door after him.
[00:48]<Cass>"It's the only thing that's happened to you since then."
[00:48]<Lincoln>just as loki leaves the entire room is white, and the door slams shuts with a thud
[00:49]<Snoogitov>"One time we had a shitty crop. That sucked. But THAT was WAYYYYY WORSE MAN"
[00:50]<Cass>"You enjoyed it and you know it."
[00:50]<Snoogitov>Loki waves his arms around himself - apparently no gesture could accurately accompany his speech without being violent and dramatic.
[00:50]<Cass>"That was too bananas for you not to have fun."
[00:53]<Pig_catapult>Now safely out of Abespace, Averna collects herself enough to re-exert control over Acerbus's body. She sets Epiphany down and leans back against the wall, rubbing Acerbus's face with his sleeve to get rid of sweat and/or tears she'd never admit to even under torture.
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[22:17]<Pig_catapult>[Last time, we'd just barely escaped Abespace before it presumably imploded behind us]
[22:17]<Pig_catapult>[Loki is now with us, but Janus has been apparently turned into a pickle.]
[22:17]<Pig_catapult>Epiphany is watching the pickle in her hand expectantly.
[22:18]<Lincoln>the pickle remains a pickle
[22:18]<Snoogitov>Loki eyes the pickle
[22:18]<Snoogitov>Loki takes a bite.
[22:18]<Pig_catapult>"HEY!" Averna shouts.
[22:18]<Pig_catapult>"DON'T EAT THAT!"
[22:18]<Cass>[there will be rolls for that, I'm sure]
[22:19]<Snoogitov>[It's Loki's natural instinct to ruin everything related to Janus' happiness]
[22:19]<Snoogitov>[he can't help it]
[22:19]<Cass>[mine too, but do you know that's Janus?]
[22:19]<Lincoln>[If piff wants to attempt to keep it away from him.]
[22:19]<Snoogitov>[No, he just wants a pickle. If it is Janus, then it's his instinct kicking in, otherwise he's just hungry]
[22:19]<Pig_catapult>[Her dex is too crap for her to have a chance]
[22:20]<Pig_catapult>Averna reaches for her knife.
[22:20]<Snoogitov>Loki is like, all dex, or will be once the sheet is finalized.
[22:21]<Pig_catapult>[Let's assume that Loki succeeded in taking a bite?]
[22:21]<Lincoln>[works for me]
[22:22]<Pig_catapult>"You had better hope that was just a pickle," Averna says with a glare. "Because if it turns out that really is Janus, you are not going to have a face anymore when I'm done with you."
[22:22]* Casssmiles and moves down the hall a bit, looking for any other crewmen.
[22:23]<Cass>[pig, describe Averna for snoogs]
[22:23]<Cass>[and piff]
[22:23]<Cass>[not their specials, though, he should find that out the hard way]
[22:24]<Snoogitov>Loki looks confused, but opens his mouth and spits out the chewed up pickle bite and tries to reattach it to the pickle.
[22:24]<Lincoln>Cassy you see one he seems to be kind of spaced out at the moment
[22:24]<Lincoln>staring at a wall
[22:26]* Cassshakes his shoulder. "[his rank], report on the condition of the ship."
[22:26]<Snoogitov>Loki stares at Averna with wide eyes, but otherwise no emotion. It seems he expects some vocal signal that he is forgiven.
[22:26]<Pig_catapult>[Uhhh. . . Well, Averna's a 300-something one-eyed ghost possessing a suicidally-self-negligent 19-year-old boy. She has the hots for Janus, but there's next to no chance of it ever happening, not least because Janus feels parental towards the kid.]
[22:27]<Pig_catapult>[Epiphany, meanwhile, is the 32-year-old zombie of a 6-year-old girl, never sleeps, and has 3 PhDs]
[22:28]<Pig_catapult>[Her top speed is a vaguely-hurried shuffle, so some of her lab coats are outfitted with a handy dufflebag strap]
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[22:31]<Pig_catapult>[She also has a speech impediment and carries pretty much all the assorted lab stuff that could conceivably fit in her pockets in her lab coat's many, many pockets.
[22:31]<Snoogitov>Any other man, crazy or not, would be bewildered and even frightened by the curious company that Loki kept. Loki, on the other hand, has spent the past two years inside the wild imagination of a man who believes he is 16th president of the USA Abraham Lincoln. This was nothing.
[22:32]<Snoogitov>Loki mashes the pickle around a bit more and accidentally snaps it in half.
[22:32]<Snoogitov>He looks at Averna slightly worried
[22:33]<Snoogitov>He tries to stick it together with his saliva, but fails.
[22:33]<Pig_catapult>One of Acerbus's pupils lights up bright red. "I suggest you start praying."
[22:34]* Cassmoves to the other side of the crewman.
[22:34]<Snoogitov>"Uh. Sorry."
[22:34]<Snoogitov>"I was... trying to... fix..."
[22:34]<Snoogitov>The top half of the pickle falls to the ground.
[22:34]<Snoogitov>Loki picks it up immediately.
[22:34]<Snoogitov>He blows dust off of it and instinctively puts it in his mouth.
[22:35]<Pig_catapult>[This might be a good time for Abe to show up.]
[22:35]<Cass>[or captain happy]
[22:35]<Snoogitov>After two chews he realizes his error and takes it out, once again attempting to mash the pickle back together
[22:36]<Snoogitov>After a few moments he achieves some sort of renewed pickle structure, and, smiling nervously, presents his monstrous repair to the rest of the party.
[22:36]<Cass>"Dr Trebuchet, can you clone a pickle?"
[22:36]<Pig_catapult>Piff nods.
[22:36]<Snoogitov>Loki looks shocked.
[22:36]<Snoogitov>"WE COULD SOLVE WORLD HUNGER."
[22:36]<Snoogitov>"SO MANY PICKLES."
[22:36]<Pig_catapult>She writes, /Well, I can clone a cucumber./
[22:36]<Snoogitov>Loki considers the burger possibilities.
[22:37]<Pig_catapult> /Which is basically the same thing/
[22:37]<Cass>"Eh, if it is Janus, he'll drink enough to be pickled fairly quickly."
[22:37]<Pig_catapult> /Should I hang onto what's left of the Janus-pickle for now?/
[22:37]<Snoogitov>Loki doesn't get it, but he gives Casimiro "the guns" anyway.
[22:38]<Pig_catapult>Piff produces a small paper bag marked for biological samples from one of her pockets
[22:38]<Cass>[what's Averna's expression at this point?]
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[22:39]<Snoogitov>A small piece of pickle falls off. Loki looks at it, then back up, pretending not to notice in hopes that nobody else will.
[22:39]<Snoogitov>Somehow, his actions kill Abraham Lincoln and thus God.
[22:40]<Pig_catapult>Averna is slightly less close to trying to burn Loki's face off now that the possibility of sorta getting Janus back via cloning is on the table.
[22:40]-->|Lincoln (~Adium@synIRC-2C12AFD6.dynamic.ip.windstream.net) has joined #icarusproject
[22:41]<Snoogitov>[wouldn't be the first time that happened.]
[22:41]<Pig_catapult>[22:39] |<-- Lincoln has left irc.synirc.net (Ping timeout)
[22:41]<Pig_catapult>[22:39] Snoogitov A small piece of pickle falls off. Loki looks at it, then back up, pretending not to notice in hopes that nobody else will.
[22:41]<Pig_catapult>[22:39] Snoogitov Somehow, his actions kill Abraham Lincoln and thus God.
[22:41]<Pig_catapult>[22:40] Pig_catapult Averna is slightly less close to trying to burn Loki's face off now that the possibility of sorta getting Janus back via cloning is on the table.
[22:41]<Pig_catapult>[22:40] -->| Lincoln (~Adium@synIRC-2C12AFD6.dynamic.ip.windstream.net) has joined #icarusproject
[22:42]<Lincoln>averna gets a call on her radio, it's from the captain
[22:42]<Pig_catapult>Averna answers. "Yeah?"
[22:42]<Lincoln>oh wait apparently I missed a lot
[22:43]<Lincoln>one sec
[22:43]<Pig_catapult>[do you need me to copy/paste anything for you?]
[22:43]<Snoogitov>[I copied the text from when Loki tried spit-repair onward to him]
[22:44]<Lincoln>"Uh, where's janus he's not answering his com"
[22:44]<Cass>"Nightmare Space, or somewhere similar. Consider him MIA."
[22:44]<Snoogitov>Loki considers the whole cloning business. He wonders if, with the pickle coated in saliva, Janus will come back partially Loki-like. Loki smiles. He'd like that.
[22:45]<Cass>"We retrieved a pickle that may be Janus and a dead teammate who is now alive."
[22:45]<Cass>"What is the status of the shuttle?"
[22:45]<Pig_catapult>Epiphany pokes Loki, then points at the Janus-pickle and points at the bag
[22:46]<Snoogitov>Loki jumps, shocked out of his fantasy. The pickle flies out of his hands.
[22:46]<Lincoln>"Uh, okay, I guess… wait what? ugh nevermind Listen the shuttle's apparently been getting to the crew
[22:46]<Snoogitov>He looks at the bag, looks at the pickle, looks at the bag, mutters an apology and scrapes up as much pickle as he can.
[22:46]<Snoogitov>He scoops it into the bag after picking a bit of fluff off of it.
[22:47]* Cassconsiders shooting Loki in the head, since it will be more merciful than what Averna will do.
[22:47]<Pig_catapult>Averna is gritting her teeth. "What do you mean, getting to them?"
[22:47]<Snoogitov>Loki looks truly very very sorry.
[22:47]<Pig_catapult>Epiphany squirrels the bag away into one of her pockets again
[22:47]<Lincoln>"Hypnotyzing them, from the sounds of it similar to what you went through on the other ship"
[22:47]<Cass>"Is the armory still intact, and are any demolitions specialists still operating?"
[22:48]<Lincoln>"No one else has been answering their coms"
[22:48]<Pig_catapult>Epiphany writes /What happened to the resonator?/
[22:49]<Lincoln>"It's operated by the AI, and she's been too busy slowing down the shuttle's takeover, she's able to cover me and that's about it"
[22:50]<Pig_catapult>"What's our plan of action?" Averna asks.
[22:51]<Cass>"Head for the armory, have the Doctor blow it up?"
[22:51]<Cass> "Head for the armory, have the Doctor blow the shuttle up?"
[22:52]<Snoogitov>Loki has been barely paying attention, but some lingering words stick with him.
[22:52]<Snoogitov>"Hold on. Where the fuck are we?"
[22:52]<Pig_catapult>Epiphany writes, /Nowhere safe/
[22:52]<Lincoln>"nega-*intereferance*Don-*more interferance*Spac"
[22:52]<Snoogitov>"ARE WE IN A SPACE STATION?!"
[22:52]<Pig_catapult>Epiphany writes, /research vessel/
[22:52]<Snoogitov>Loki looks like an ecstatic little boy.
[22:53]<Lincoln>*all you get is static*
[22:53]<Cass>"On a ship, and there's a massively dangerous shuttle that is causing these problems."
[22:53]<Cass>"Can your sword cut starship armor that may actually be a rift in reality?"
[22:53]<Pig_catapult>Epiphany writes, /If you start hallucinating, try to at least not kill anyone important./
[22:54][INFO]The view “#icarusproject has been saved to <file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Marie/Desktop/RPGstuff/Icarus/Shuttle%20Crisis%20pt%203%20(part).htm>.
[22:54]<Cass>"Try not to kill anyone unimportant. The important people can defend themselves."
[22:54]<Cass>[except captain happy, but fuck him]
[22:55]<Pig_catapult>[no-one likes Captain Happy]
[22:55]<Lincoln>[crewman number 3 likes him...]
[22:55]<Cass>"Captain said no to the explosive plan he approved earlier. Something changed. Head for the shuttle,or steal one of the ship's shuttles and head for the nearest planet?"
[22:56]<Snoogitov>Loki is picturing a boat.
[22:56]<Snoogitov>With spaceships.
[22:56]<Snoogitov>"I like dolphins."
[22:57]<Pig_catapult>"Both are in the same direction," Averna says. "I'd rather bail, but. . ."
[22:57]<Snoogitov>"Huh? Sword? Yeah probably it's pretty great I guess."
[22:58]<Pig_catapult>Epiphany writes, /We might need to destroy the Nightmare shuttle in order to get the shuttle bay doors open in the first place./
[22:59]<Cass>"Let's still swing by the armory then. An anti-material weapon would be most useful."
[22:59]<Snoogitov>Loki draws his sword, which appears to have been exaggerated by Lincoln-mind to be something of a lightsaber.
[22:59]<Pig_catapult>Averna edges away from Loki
[22:59]<Snoogitov>"It cuts I suppose."
[23:00]<Snoogitov>Loki wiggles it.
[23:00]* Cassaims at Loki. "We are not in combat. Disarm."
[23:00]<Snoogitov>"Wha? I was just showin' you cuz you asked about it"
[23:00]<Snoogitov>"Haha. Disarm. Viktor."
[23:00]<Cass>[cass has some sort of small plastic gun. It's still a rifle, but odd.]
[23:01]<Snoogitov>Loki looks at Averna and Epiphany, being considerate enough to explain his joke.
[23:01]<Cass>"The Nightmare Ship messes with your head. Don't draw unless there's a threat. Too much can go wrong."
[23:01]<Snoogitov>"Viktor was this guy we knew that had no arms. After he died."
[23:01]<Snoogitov>"Janus killed him."
[23:01]<Snoogitov>"It was really funny."
[23:01]<Snoogitov>"Janus is hilarious."
[23:02]<Pig_catapult>Averna is glaring at him. "Put the sword away before anyone /else/ loses an arm." From the tone of her voice "anyone else" probably means "Loki"
[23:02]<Cass>"Yes, you're as funny as a missed shot. Lets move out before things get worse." There's a note of fear in Cass' voice that has nothing to do with Loki.
[23:03]<Lincoln>the crewman stops staring at the wall and starts looking from person to person
[23:03]* Cassaims at him. "We are your allies. What is the situation?"
[23:04]<Snoogitov>Loki puts his sword away, making a mental note that Averna is a shitty friend.
[23:04]<Snoogitov>Mumbling: "First I can't eat the delicious pickle you're flaunting, then I can't flaunt my OWN cool thing"
[23:04]<Cass>"If you panic, I put you down. What is the shuttle doing?"
[23:05]<Cass>"What have you been seeing?"
[23:06]<Lincoln>"I…OH GOD WHAT ARE YOU" the man cowers in the corner
[23:07]<Snoogitov>"Your worst nightmare." Loki says instinctively.
[23:07]<Snoogitov>"Sorry. Movies."
[23:07]<Lincoln>the man is too busy screaming to notice
[23:07]<Snoogitov>Loki realizes that shutting up is likely a wise course of action.
[23:07]* Casstasers him, then starts moving towards the armory, reloading as he goes. "Come with me if you want to live."
[23:08]<Cass>[tasers the crewman, that is. Loki, unfortunately, retains control of hi legs.]
[23:11]<Lincoln>Alrighty, so eveyone follows cassy to the armory?
[23:11]<Pig_catapult>Averna gives Epiphany a lift so the group can move faster.
[23:11]<Snoogitov>Loki notes that Casimiro is much scarier than before.
[23:11]<Lincoln>and slightly older
[23:11]<Snoogitov>pffft impossible
[23:11]<Snoogitov>and yeah, he follows
[23:12]<Pig_catapult>Ditto for Averna
[23:12]<Lincoln>Alrighy then the rest of the hallways seem fairly deserted
[23:12]<Lincoln>you see a couple more crewman cowering in the corners but other then that no one
[23:13]<Pig_catapult>Is Averna seeing anything odd on her Soulsight?
[23:14]<Lincoln>oh she has it turned on?
[23:14]<Cass>[her eye was glowing]
[23:14]<Lincoln>[oh opps]
[23:15]<Pig_catapult>Averna side-eyes Loki. "Did you know you're dead?"
[23:17]<Snoogitov>"Did you know I have feelings?" Loki barks back, confused but unwiling to ask questions.
[23:18]<Pig_catapult>"Just saying. It's creepy." Averna glances at one of the walls, shudders, and starts walking more quickly.
[23:18]<Cass>"He died years ago, covered in blood and heroin. Even if he's not alive, at least he's moving."
[23:20]<Snoogitov>"I survived, jackass. Look I'm right here."
[23:20]<Snoogitov>"I ate a pickle."
[23:20]<Cass>[do we make it to the armory, and what do we see there?]
[23:20]<Snoogitov>Loki waves sardonically.
[23:21]<Lincoln>Yeah you'll make it to the armory
[23:21]<Pig_catapult>"No, you're definitely dead. Or undead."
[23:21]<Cass>"If Averna says you're dead, you're dead. Walking is no longer proof of life."
[23:21]<Lincoln>perception checks people!
[23:21]<Snoogitov>"We'll ask your MOTHER how alive I am."
[23:21]<Snoogitov>Loki thanks Tony, wherever he is.
[23:21]<Cass>[15 out of 16/20]
[23:21]<Snoogitov>Even if he doesn't understand the joke, he believes that it is funny.
[23:22]<Cass>[why are my per rolls so damn shitty?]
[23:23]<Lincoln>alrighty, cassy you notice most of the explosive ordinance is currently gone.
[23:23]<Pig_catapult>[7 and 15. Piff and Averna have 20 and 14 respectively, so allocate those rolls how you wish]
[23:24]<Cass>"Damn. Someone aboard this ship is armed with explosives and completely insane."
[23:25]<Pig_catapult>[Alternately, give Piff the seven and Averna the 15; she's distracted]
[23:25]<Lincoln>alrighty they both notice the same thing, but also, averna will note the lock was forced
[23:25]<Pig_catapult>[or that]
[23:25]<Cass>[are there any anti-mat rifles or similar left? An anti-tank bazooka, maybe?]
[23:25]<Pig_catapult>[I can work with that]
[23:26]<Pig_catapult>"They either didn't have the key, or didn't have the thought to use it," Averna notes.
[23:26]<Lincoln>[what? no. There are no anti-material rifles or bazookas on board]
[23:27]* Casswill grab an AR. "This room should seal up harder than it did. The AI must be seriously distracted."
[23:28]<Pig_catapult>"It doesn't look like it's winning, either," Avenra says, looking around. "There's little veins of red everywhere."
[23:28]<Pig_catapult>[I can totally spell my own character's name]
[23:28][INFO]The view “#icarusproject has been saved to <file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Marie/Desktop/RPGstuff/Icarus/Shuttle%20Crisis%20pt%203%20(part).htm>.
[23:28]<Cass>[it's Piff that has the dex penalty, not you, right?]
[23:29]<Lincoln>[uh cassy there are no AR in the room]
[23:29]<Pig_catapult>[Averna's dex is. . . 13
[23:29]<Pig_catapult>[Epiphany's, meanwhile, is 6]
[23:30]<Cass>[seriously? They were taking on NMS' without basic armaments? Or were they stolen?]
[23:30]<Cass>[I'll take a shotgun, if they have it]
[23:31]<Lincoln>[For the most part, they are not a hugely military organization, they'll have a shotgun]
[23:32]<Cass>[captain happy really overestimated how ready they were for this]
[23:32]<Cass>"Loose explosives are a bad idea. Doctor, can you keep anyone ELSE from getting in here?"
[23:32]<Lincoln>[Any protection was expected to bring their own weaponry...]
[23:33]<Cass>[I did. Abe ate it.]
[23:33]<Pig_catapult>[Epiphany should have some sort of binary mixture to melt the door shut, I think?]
[23:33]<Cass>[I meant by hacking the bulkheads, but that works, too]
[23:36]<Pig_catapult>Epiphany nods, produces two pairs of vials from different pockets. One pair is filled with clear fluid, the other pair with white powder.
[23:36]<Lincoln>alrighty, demo check… uh right?
[23:37]<Pig_catapult>[Wouldn't it be chemistry?]
[23:37]<Lincoln>[that makes sense too]
[23:37]<Pig_catapult>[I'm not really blowing anything up]
[23:38]<Pig_catapult>[rolled a 12, Chemistry is 20/IQ, but I'm not sealing the door until everyone's out]
[23:40]<Pig_catapult>Piff writes /Everybody make sure you don't leave anything in here you'll want later. We're not getting back in without serious power tools after I use this/
[23:41][INFO]The view “#icarusproject has been saved to <file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Marie/Desktop/RPGstuff/Icarus/Shuttle%20Crisis%20pt%203%20(part).htm>.
[23:41]<Snoogitov>Loki quickly scans the room for anything alcoholic/sweet/fruity/exciting.
[23:41]* Cassgrabs his weapons and heads for the door.
[23:43]<Lincoln>loki finds some bullets
[23:43]<Pig_catapult>Averna's got her knife and Acerbus. She doesn't need much else. Epiphany's a noncombatant. They head out.
[23:44]<Snoogitov>Loki grabs the bullets and heads out.
[23:45]<Lincoln>alrighty after piff finishes melting the door, she will notice the door also seems to attempt to lock as well, but it can't because the lock was melted into the door
[23:45]<Snoogitov>His brain is mostly turned off, partially as a precaution so that he doesn't blurt out yet more non-sequitors, but also because he subconsciously worries what will happen to him if he considers Averna and Cass's conviction concerning his life.
[23:47]<Snoogitov>Still, a small fraction of his poor, tornado-struck brain of his can't help but attempt to consider things logically. How DID he get all the way to Montana? And why?
[23:48]<Cass>[Doctor? I believe that's your cue for a distraction]
[23:49]<Pig_catapult>Epiphany writes /I guess we should go to the shuttle bay, if we want any chance to fix this./
[23:49]<Cass>[oh, we already melted it?]
[23:49]<Pig_catapult>[I assumed so?]
[23:50]<Pig_catapult>[23:45] Lincoln alrighty after piff finishes melting the door, [...]
[23:50]<Cass>[/me starts heading for the bay. "If anyone sees ANYTHING odd, speak up. We can't take risks with the NMS onboard."
[23:51]<Lincoln>a horse walks by as cassy says this
[23:51]<Pig_catapult>"Uhhh. . ." Epiphany points at it. Averna's too busy staring at the walls to notice.
[23:52]<Cass>"Like that horse. I'm pretty sure it wasn't real. Let's move QUICKLY, people."
[23:52]* Casssounds slightly scared at this point.
[23:52]<Pig_catapult>Averna doesn't need to be told twice. She quickens her pace.
[23:54]<Lincoln>alrighty everyone starts to notice things getting a bit strange. the hallways seem to widen
[23:54]<Lincoln>the closer you walk towards the shuttlebay that i
[23:55]<Pig_catapult>"It's getting redder," Averna says, sounding more than a little creeped out.
[23:55]<Lincoln>the floor starts turning to a dusty sandy consistancy
[23:55]<Snoogitov>"What the-"
[23:55]<Lincoln>you start seeing a few cactus here and there
[23:55]<Snoogitov>Loki stops in his tracks
[23:55]<Pig_catapult>[Are they saguaro cacti, or some other kind?]
[23:56]<Lincoln>yeah mostly that type
[23:56]<Pig_catapult>Epiphany writes /It's the NMS messing with your head. Try to ignore it unless it's trying to kill you./
[23:56]<Snoogitov>"Cassy?" Loki looks like his blood has been drained and replaced with terror.
[23:56]<Snoogitov>"What's going to happen to us?"
[23:57]<Snoogitov>"What's happening to me?!"
[23:58]<Cass>"Nightmare ship. It causes hallucinations. Cacti and lage corridors are very out-of-place on this vessel."
[23:59]<Pig_catapult>Epiphany writes /It apparently wants us to think that we are located somewhere in the southwestern United States, or possibly northwestern Mexico./
[23:59]<Snoogitov>[How does Casimiro sound right now when he says this? Is he scared too, or cold/confident?]
[23:59]<Lincoln>then, when your almost there, around one turn of the corridor you find yourself in a very desert like einvoriment
[00:00]<Pig_catapult>"It will only get worse if we pAAAAAHHHHHHHH NO NO NO I WANT TO GO HOME"
[00:00]<Cass>[Cass is worried-sounding. Anything more than that will require rolls. Was it Averna who panic'd?]
[00:01]<Pig_catapult>[Again, just like sending someone arachnophobic into a place made entirely out of spiders]
[00:01]|<--Zemyla has left irc.synirc.net (Ping timeout)
[00:02]<Snoogitov>Loki is at least somewhat reassured by the fact that Casimiro hasn't fallen over crapping himself, so he presses on, but as Averna - who had been previously frightening herself with her bluster falls to panic, Loki feels his heart sink and his skin go cold.
[00:02]<Snoogitov>"Am I... dead?"
[00:02]<Cass>"Acerbus, take over! Averna, calm down, retreat into him."
[00:03]<Snoogitov>"Is this hell?"
[00:03]<Lincoln>off in the distance, you can see what appears to be a pit of some kind
[00:03]<Cass>"No, hell would have Viktor hanging around."
[00:04]<Pig_catapult>"Can we please not get too existential?" a voice very similar to the one Averna was using, but utterly monotone, asks. Acerbus is driving now.
[00:04]<Snoogitov>Loki musters a smile.
[00:05]<Cass>"We're moving. The only way out of this is to kill the shuttle or escape, and there's no escape except for the shuttle bay."
[00:06]<Cass>[does the shuttle route head past the pit?]
[00:06]<Snoogitov>It does not yet occur to him that Viktor was at the party he absconded from, but in time, the pieces in Loki's head will start to fall into place, and everything about Loki will be overturned.
[00:06]<Lincoln>[it's hard to tell with how much the ship has been messing with your sense of direction]
[00:06]<Snoogitov>"So uh... let's kill this shuttle fellow. What-what do we have?"
[00:07]<Cass>"My shotgun, your sword, and whatever Dr Trebuchet has in her pockets."
[00:07]<Snoogitov>"Is that good?"
[00:07]<Snoogitov>Loki smiles. To him that's plenty.
[00:08]<Pig_catapult>Epiphany writes /There are people who still have nightmares about me holding a scalpel./
[00:09]<Cass>"Head further into the hallucinations? I doubt any other route will get us where we need to go."
[00:09]<Pig_catapult>Epiphany nods.
[00:10]<Pig_catapult>"I could ask Averna which way is the most red," Acerbus says quietly.
[00:10]<Snoogitov>"If we get thirsty we can drink a cactus." Loki remarks, mostly to reassure himself.
[00:10]<Pig_catapult>Epiphany rolls her eyes
[00:10]<Cass>"Do it."
[00:11]<Cass>"If she's scared, she can ride with me, but I think she'd be more comfortable with you."
[00:11]<Lincoln>[she could ride in the pickle with janus]
[00:13]<Pig_catapult>Acerbus pauses, flinches a little, and his right eye lights up briefly again before going dark. "She says 'The pit. Why did it have to be the pit? I hate you.'"
[00:13]<Pig_catapult>He delivers that line completely flatly.
[00:14]<Cass>"We've got a heading people, let's go. Averna, we'll kill this thing. Trust me, this crew can kill anything."
[00:16]<Pig_catapult>A small smile that's not Acerbus's spreads across his face.
[00:17][INFO]The view “#icarusproject has been saved to <file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Marie/Desktop/RPGstuff/Icarus/Shuttle%20Crisis%20pt%203.htm>.
[00:17]<Snoogitov>Loki warms somewhat at this comment. He may be questioning his very mortality, and his surroundings may only contribute to that, but he was reminded of one thing - the crew. No matter how terrible, how ludicrous, or how rueful the contexts that Loki had found himself in for the past five years, he was always a part of a crew. He had people around him that depended on him, and he on them.
[00:17]<Snoogitov>He had a place, dead or alive.