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Topic Welcome to the IRV Redemption. Currently breaking in the new ship. OOC channel is #IcarusOOC
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[21:58]=-=Topic for #icarusproject is “Welcome to the IRV Redemption. Currently breaking in the new ship. OOC channel is #IcarusOOC
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[22:13]<Pig_catapult>[So, last time, there's a Nightmare Shuttle in the shuttle bay, and if we don't do something about it soon, we're gonna be finding out first-hand how Nightmare Ship Babby is formed.]
[22:13]<Lincoln>[SNOOGY WELCOME !}
[22:13]<Pig_catapult>[Also, Cass's room is now a good deal bigger on the inside.]
[22:14]<Cass>[Yes, and cass lost most of his gear and weapons because of that.]
[22:15]<Lincoln>[alrighty, well lets get started so we can intro snoogy]
[22:16]<Lincoln>so, as you see the road go off in two directions, off in the distance, you can also the the peak of a few moutians
[22:17]<Cass>[I thought there was a building?]
[22:18]<Lincoln>[down the road there are, off in the distance from the road you can barely see some mountain tops]
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[22:18]<Moogy>what the hell this shit closed
[22:18]<Cass>[the mountains and the building in the same direction?]
[22:18]<Snoogitov>or I just logged on twice
[22:18]<Snoogitov>what the
[22:18]<Cass>OH SHIT
[22:19]<Cass>HE'S BREEDING
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[22:19]<Snoogitov>I killed myself.
[22:19]<Pig_catapult>Piff falls a few feet from her ride suddenly vanishing into thin air. She gets to her feet, dusts herself, off, and looks around. "Ummm. . . Janus?"
[22:20]<Pig_catapult>[Janus had been previously carrying her via that handy dufflebag strap]
[22:20]<Lincoln>piff instead finds a pickle where janus used to be
[22:20]<Pig_catapult>The pickle vanishes into one of Epiphany's many pockets for later analysis.
[22:20]<Cass>"He either turned into a pickle or he has a horrible phobia of pickles and fled faster than the eye can see when he found one."
[22:21]<Lincoln>also the moutians are off in a different direction then the buildings.
[22:21]* Casslooks around for Janus. [not going to bother rolling] "Take a bite, see how he tastes."
[22:23]<Pig_catapult>Averna scowls. "We're not eating Janus. Even if he has turned into a spooky pickle."
[22:24]* Casslooks at Averna. "What does the pickle look like?"
[22:24]<Pig_catapult>Averna very reluctantly looks at the pickle with her Soulsight.
[22:25]<Lincoln>it looks like a pickle
[22:25]<Lincoln>no extras, just how a pickle would normally look
[22:27]<Pig_catapult>". . . It's an inanimate object," Averna says.
[22:27]<Pig_catapult>Piff writes on her notepad /I'm gonna hang onto it anyways./
[22:28]<Pig_catapult>And she repockets the pickle, if there's no further objections.
[22:28]<Pig_catapult>[. . . that is a weird sentence.]
[22:29]<Lincoln>now then, the roads.
[22:29]<Cass>"Watch out, if it turns into Janus later you'll probably lose the coat."
[22:29]<Snoogitov>repocket the pickle would be a good name for an album
[22:29]<Cass>"Now, should we head for civilization?"
[22:30]<Snoogitov>The Hydrowolfies - Repocket the Pickle
[22:30]<Snoogitov>AOTY 2011
[22:30]<Lincoln>[pssst snoogy, could you type in brackets when it's out of character?]
[22:31]<Pig_catapult>"Sounds better than going back. . . outside?" Averna says, turning off her Soulsight and trying not to think too hard about all this.
[22:32]<Cass>"We're not leaving until we figure out what happened to my bedroom."
[22:33]<Pig_catapult>". . . I'd honestly much rather leave it a mystery, but lead the way."
[22:33]<Cass>"It's my room. I live here. I sleep here. Until I know what happened, I'm not sleeping anywhere else on this ship."
[22:34]<Cass>"Plus, I really liked that rifle."
[22:34]<Pig_catapult>Averna nods. "And it's /your/ 'room', so /you/ take point."
[22:34]* Cassstarts walking toward the city, taser out.
[22:35]<Cass>He is otherwise unarmed.
[22:35]<Pig_catapult>Averna picks up Epiphany and starts following.
[22:36]<Lincoln>[just to be clear, it doesn't look like a city, it looks like a few buildings, like 4
[22:37]<Cass>[I'm paying more attention to potential ambushes than the destination.]
[22:37]<Lincoln>Well you don't see many other people, and when you actually walk in aways you can see moutians on the other side of the road as well.
[22:38]<Lincoln>sorry not many, you don't see anyone else
[22:38]<Cass>Do they look the same as the other mountains?
[22:38]<Lincoln>not exactly but similar
[22:39]* Cassgestures for Averna to guard Piff and checks inside the first building.
[22:40]<Pig_catapult>Averna is more than happy to stay outside
[22:40]<Lincoln>well before that you do run into something interesting
[22:41]<Lincoln>the land surronding the buildings looks like it's being farmed, you can see corn and other things growing
[22:41]<Lincoln>at about the point where the buildings go off you can see what looks to be some sort of mailbox with a sign next to it
[22:42]<Cass>[how tall is the corn, what does the mailbox say?]
[22:42]<Lincoln>[about a foot and a half]
[22:42]<Lincoln>and the mailbox says "
[22:42]<Pig_catapult>[I was gonna suggest "high as an elephant's eye", but that works, too]
[22:43]<Lincoln>"dead farm, Montana"
[22:44]* Casslooks confused for a minute, then heads to the building.
[22:45]<Lincoln>it looks like a farm house
[22:45]* Cassknocks on the door.
[22:46]<Lincoln>after a second, lincoln opens the door
[22:47]<Cass>"Hello, Abraham. Nice to see you. Where's my room?"
[22:47]<Lincoln>"your room? I didn't know you lived in dead too cassy!"
[22:48]* Casslooks back. "Dr Trebuchet, is there a real place called Dead Farm, Montana?"
[22:49]<Pig_catapult>[Is there?]
[22:49]<Lincoln>[not as far as I am aware, so uh no]
[22:49]<Cass>[I'm really hoping that PDA has a map]
[22:49]<Pig_catapult>Piff writes, /not to my knowledge/
[22:50]<Cass>[Cass appears to read that from ~30' away]
[22:50]<Lincoln>"Well come on in everyone, there is a party going on right now!"
[22:51]* Casslistens for any noise we aren't making.
[22:51]<Lincoln>cassy can hear what appears to be the rumbling of a party going on in the background, laughing talking and such
[22:52]* Cassgets a worried look on his face and pushes past Abe, slipping the taser inside his coat.
[22:53]<Pig_catapult>Averna is also very quietly whispering "there's no place like home, there's no place like home, there's no place like home"
[22:53]<Lincoln>Cassy give me a perception check
[22:54]<Cass>13, [per 16, visual 20]
[22:55]<Lincoln>Alrighty, cassy when you step inside you notice that indeed there is a party going on
[22:55]<Lincoln>but something bugs you for a moment about the guests, you know you've seen many of these people before
[22:56]<Lincoln>"AVERNA! PIFFFF! YOU COMING TOOOOOOOO?" lincoln yells out the door
[22:56]* Casslooks around VERY intently. Do I remember these people from real life or my NMS experience?
[22:56]<Cass>"Yes, join us..."
[22:57]<Lincoln>real life
[22:57]<Pig_catapult>"I'm not going in!" Averna says. "You can't make me!"
[22:57]<Pig_catapult>Piff just shrugs
[22:58]<Lincoln>"Commmeee onnnnnn there is punnnnccchhhh!"
[22:58]<Cass>"Averna, cover the door, then. Dr Trebuchet, I need to speak with you."
[22:58]<Pig_catapult>Averna lets Piff down. Piff shuffles in.
[22:59]<Cass>"Do you recognize the people at this party?"
[22:59]<Lincoln>"oh! that reminds me cassy! you'll never guess who I found!" lincoln runs off into the party
[23:00]<Pig_catapult>[rolled 11, per is 20]
[23:00]<Lincoln>piff does not recognize anyone at the party.
[23:00]<Pig_catapult>Piff shakes her head
[23:01]<Cass>[would Lincoln have met most of these people with me, or are they specifically from my non-mercs life?]
[23:03]<Lincoln>[you seem to think you've met them with lincoln. You also start to get a really errie feeling about them, they all don't entirely seemed dressed for a party, some of them are wearing old military or cop uniforms, well others are dress up rather nicely, and some just in casualwear]
[23:04]<Cass>"These are people Lincoln and I know. I think they might be wearing what they were when we met them."
[23:07]* Casslooks to see if he can see who lincoln found.
[23:08]<Lincoln>alrighty, as you push through the guest, you notice a very grumpy armless man on the couch.
[23:08]<Lincoln>he does not look like he's much of a party person
[23:10]<Cass>[we have WAY too many armless people in our history]
[23:10]<Lincoln>[you don't remember seeing him ever]
[23:10]<Cass>[is this the handcuffed briefcase guy from Vegas?]
[23:11]<Lincoln>you feel a strange connection with this armless man, like a sort of kindred spirit to yourself
[23:12]* Casswanders over. Is he armed?
[23:12]<Snoogitov>[oh you.]
[23:12]<Lincoln>surprisingly, yes.
[23:14]* Cassstands against the wall. "So, how long to empty the room and escape?"
[23:14]<Lincoln>when you get closer to him, you'll also notice he appears to be crying
[23:15]<Cass>"What's wrong? Just notice the poor quality of women here?"
[23:16]<Lincoln>"No it's… it's…I actually... had a chance... of getting laid tonight..."
[23:16]<Lincoln>He appears to be to engulfed in his own emotional problems to be of much more use as a conversational partner.
[23:17]<Cass>[but he's a curiosity, since I don't recognize him. What's he armed with?]
[23:17]<Lincoln>[just to point out, you don't recognize a lot of people, only maybe 3/4"
[23:18]<Lincoln>some sort of pistol or another, looks pretty generic
[23:20]* Cassmoves toward Lincoln.
[23:20]<Lincoln>as you turn around you feel some teeth hitting your buttocks.
[23:21]<Lincoln>It appears the man is now trying to pickpocket you with his teeth.
[23:23]* Cassmoves away quickly, glad his wallet is in his jacket pocket.
[23:25]<Lincoln>the man takes his place back on the couch, sobbing some more
[23:27]<Pig_catapult>Piff looks around. Anyone particularly interesting catch her eye?
[23:27]<Lincoln>in a few more seconds, you find lincoln a huge smile on his face, talking to someone who looks very familiar, you can see he is holding a daiquiri moogy this is your cue
[23:28]* Casslooks around for one of the heroin dealers.
[23:30]<Snoogitov>Loki scans the crowd listlessly. Noticing Casimiro, his eyebrows arch. He intakes a hearty sip of daquiri.
[23:31]<Lincoln>piff you'll notice a couple buhdist monks appear to be keeping apart from the crowd
[23:31]<Snoogitov>He swishes the beverage around his mouth, pondering the flavor. He swallows, looking somewhat pained.
[23:31]<Snoogitov>"These fucking things are going to murder my teeth."
[23:32]<Pig_catapult>Piff hesitantly shuffles overs to the monks and waves a little
[23:32]* Casswalks up to him. "Dentures aren't so bad."
[23:32]<Lincoln>the closer you get, you notice they seem very tall, perhaps all 7 feet or so
[23:33]<Lincoln>also tall you do see the herion dealers
[23:34]<Cass>"So, what have you been doing with yourself?"
[23:34]<Pig_catapult>Epiphany feels even shorter than usual.
[23:34]<Snoogitov>"I've been farming. Its bananas, dude."
[23:35]<Snoogitov>"Y'know. Figuratively. Bananas. Like, crazy. I don't want you to... I don't want you to think I'm farming bananas. This isn't Africa."
[23:35]<Snoogitov>He pauses.
[23:35]<Snoogitov>"where the fuck do they farm bananas?"
[23:35]<Snoogitov>Another pause.
[23:35]<Snoogitov>"What the hell am I talking about bananas for? This shit's STRAWBERRY."
[23:36]<Snoogitov>Loki finishes his drink
[23:36]<Cass>"Jamaica. When they're not growing marijana and heroin."
[23:36]<Snoogitov>"Marijuana is illegal, Casimiro."
[23:37]<Snoogitov>Loki frowns, seemingly directed both at himself as well as Casimiro.
[23:37]<Cass>"This is Lincoln's dream. I don't think anything is illegal."
[23:37]<Pig_catapult>[Sanity is illegal]
[23:38]<Snoogitov>"Lincoln's dream? What the banana are you talking about?"
[23:39]<Snoogitov>His brow furrows and his head tilts like somebody noticing their insanity.
[23:39]<Snoogitov>"What the hell is with me and bananas today"
[23:39]<Lincoln>"Dream? I am not dreaming cassy! silly cassy, if I was dreaming, would I be riding this lama?"
[23:39]<Lincoln>lincoln is now riding a lama
[23:39]<Cass>"You've always been a bit bananas."
[23:40]<Snoogitov>"So. What brings you to Montana. Please tell me, it might explain what brings ME to Montana."
[23:41]<Cass>"I walked into my room. This is apparently my room after I left Lincon in it."
[23:41]<Snoogitov>"Fuck off, Cassie. You can't just walk into homes and claim them to be your room. This isn't Italy."
[23:41]<Lincoln>piff, the monks will greet you back with a wave
[23:42]<Snoogitov>"You can't just take what doesn't belong to you and make it your own spicy meatball."
[23:42]<Cass>"What about you? Last time I saw you, you were bleeding to death after having heroin poured down your throat."
[23:42]<Snoogitov>"And you mean the magical healing solution? It did exactly what the name implies, dummy."
[23:42]<Snoogitov>"Lincoln SAVED me."
[23:42]<Lincoln>lincoln puffs up very proudly.
[23:42]<Cass>"The heroin didn't exactly keep you from bleeding to death. I read your obituary."
[23:43]<Snoogitov>Loki puts his arm around Lincoln, pointing like "this guyyyyy"
[23:43]<Lincoln>"ah, it was nothing loki! you would have done the same for me!"
[23:43]<Cass>"well, not obituary so much as newspaper report of a crime, but your death was mentioned."
[23:43]<Snoogitov>"Obituary? Like, in newspapers? I made the papers?"
[23:44]<Snoogitov>Loki can't help but feel a child-like sense of pride.
[23:44]<Pig_catapult>Epiphany scribbles down a /Hi/
[23:44]<Cass>"Congratulations. You're a terrorist responsible for the deaths of several cops and one small child."
[23:45]<Snoogitov>"Fucking. Rad. I bet those no good high school kids... in those high schools... I bet they talked about it. Do you think they talked about it?"
[23:46]<Snoogitov>Loki notices his glass is empty. His face contorts into that of crushing disappointment.
[23:46]<Lincoln>the monks will all gather around piff "hello child! where are your parents?
[23:46]<Snoogitov>"Looks like you bit off more you can chew... liquid wise... old bean."
[23:46]<Pig_catapult>Epiphany winces. /They died a long time ago./
[23:47]* Cassheads for the bar. "Want a drink?"
[23:48]<Lincoln>"I… see, my apologies for bringing it up, child"
[23:51]<Snoogitov>"You know what, Casimiro, you're a stand up guy."
[23:52]<Snoogitov>A random pang of missing Tony strikes Loki.
[23:52]<Snoogitov>Loki remembers that Tony to Loki to a strip club and then convinced every single bouncer to kick the shit out of him.
[23:52]<Pig_catapult>Piff writes, /It's not your fault. It's. . . a question I get a lot./
[23:52]* Casscomes back with a glass of wine and a mojito.
[23:52]<Snoogitov>The feeling subsides.
[23:52]<Snoogitov>"What the fuck is this."
[23:53]<Cass>"A fruit drink with no actual alcohol. I thought you liked those."
[23:53]<Snoogitov>"Lately I've been pretty into like, self-inflicted oblivion."
[23:53]<Snoogitov>Loki tries to look dead inside, but mostly looks constipated.
[23:54]<Snoogitov>"Fuck it."
[23:54]<Snoogitov>Loki takes the drink and immediately sips, betraying a smile at the flavor.
[23:59]<Lincoln>"if it helps, remember life and death are like winter and spring, death merely the compilation of the moment. They are like winter in spring. You don't call winter the beginning of spring nor summer the end of spring…" the other monks all nod incredibly sagely
[00:04]<Pig_catapult>Piff thinks for a moment, then writes, /Sometimes, winter can feel very long./
[00:08]<Lincoln>"when it gets cold and the nights long, just remember spring always comes." more sagely noding
[00:08]<Snoogitov>Loki softly farts, and looks to Casimiro to see if he heard. The look guarantees that even had Casimiro not heard, he certainly knew now.
[00:09]<Lincoln>suddenly the world starts to shake.
[00:10]* Cassshoots a look full of disdain towards Loki.
[00:10]* Casslooks for Abe.
[00:10]<Lincoln>a vague feeling of dread fills everyone.
[00:10]<Lincoln>Abe's still wandering around
[00:10]<Lincoln>he doesn't seem to have noticed
[00:11]<Lincoln>nor have any of the other party guests
[00:11]* Casslooks at Loki. Is he reacting?
[00:12]<Lincoln>he seems to, be just barely
[00:12]<Snoogitov>Loki opens his mouth, then shuts it rapidly, his cheeks puffing out slightly.
[00:12]<Snoogitov>He looks utterly terrified of his secret.
[00:13]<Cass>"Loooki, what's happening?"
[00:13]<Lincoln>the room shakes again
[00:13]<Snoogitov>"NOTHING DON'T INHALE."
[00:14]<Snoogitov>Loki wonders if he is worrying too much about this.
[00:14]* Cassholds his breath.
[00:14]<Pig_catapult>Meanwhile, outside, Averna has found a nice corner to cower in.
[00:15]<Lincoln>averna will notice the sky turn crimson
[00:16]<Pig_catapult>"I want to go home. . . ."
[00:16]<Lincoln>the mountains seem to be quivering in the distance
[00:16]<Pig_catapult>. . . Good job.
[00:16]<Pig_catapult>You made Averna cry.
[00:16]<Pig_catapult>I didn't think that was possible.
[00:16]<Snoogitov>Seeing Cass hold his breath, Loki feels comfortable that his indigestion will remain undetected, yet somehow, he isn't at ease.
[00:20]* Cassmoves to the doorway
[00:21]<Cass>[what's happening outside?]
[00:21]<Lincoln>cassy, you can see the quivering mountains too.
[00:22]<Lincoln>you get the feeling you should leave. As quickly as possible.
[00:23]<Cass>[how far did we walk to get here? I thought it was a few miles at least.]
[00:24]<Lincoln>[a mile or two, you walked if you ran you could probably get out a lot faster[
[00:24]* Cassshouts "Everyone who wants to live, head for the exit."
[00:25]<Pig_catapult>Piff shuffles towards the exit.
[00:25]* Cassstarts running, but not sprinting. He needs to actually make it 2 miles.
[00:26]<Pig_catapult>Acerbus is sitting by one of the walls outside, looking completely unbothered.
[00:26]<Lincoln>the party guests all just look at cassy funnily
[00:28]<Cass>[I thought Averna was panicking]
[00:29]<Pig_catapult>[Oh yes. And then Acerbus thought "It's not THAT bad", and she tossed him into control of the body because that was just plain the last straw]
[00:30]<Lincoln>[hence acerbus is looking unbothered, not averna]
[00:30]<Cass>[ugh, I want to redact, but that's too much.]
[00:30]<Snoogitov>Loki stumbles outside
[00:31]<Cass>"Acerbus. Grab the doctor, follow me, don't slow down."
[00:31]<Pig_catapult>Acerbus nods, obeys.
[00:33]<Lincoln>the world in the distance seems to fade into nothingness
[00:33]<Lincoln>around the mountaintops, that is
[00:34]* Cassheads for the door.
[00:34]<Pig_catapult>Epiphany checks her pockets to make sure the pickle is still there
[00:34]<Cass>[he's going just slow enough for Acerbus to keep up, and doesn't look happy about that.
[00:34]<Lincoln>the pickle is still in piff pocket
[00:35]<Pig_catapult>Epiphany decides to remove the pickle form her pocket before they go through the door, but is still holding onto it.
[00:36]<Pig_catapult>If Acerbus knew how to do the teleporting thing on his own, he would, but he doesn't, so he can't.
[00:36]<Lincoln>piff is now holding the pickle, snoogy, what's loki up to/
[00:40]<Snoogitov>He's around.
[00:40]<Lincoln>is he running away or standing around?
[00:41]<Snoogitov>Following Cass
[00:41]<Cass>does he follow cass' run for the exit?
[00:41]<Snoogitov>Yes, he is sheilding his drink so as to not spill anything
[00:41]<Snoogitov>[Sorry, thought it was implied, I'm rusty]
[00:41]<Lincoln>[it's fine, just wanted to be sure]
[00:41]<Snoogitov>whenever he gets drank on his hand he brings it to his mouth and slurps it
[00:42]<Lincoln>as you race towards the door, you notice the world seems to be slipping away turning into a white nothingness.
[00:43]<Lincoln>just as you reach the door, everything part from it and the ground your running on does not seem to exist anymore
[00:45]<Pig_catapult>Epiphany looks quite worried.
[00:45]<Pig_catapult>Acerbus doesn't.
[00:45]<Snoogitov>Loki throws his mojito in a random direction and pulls his hair taut
[00:46]<Snoogitov>"FUUUUUUCK THIIIIIIS"
[00:46]<Lincoln>I assume you all exit through the door?
[00:46]<Snoogitov>It becomes evident that Loki is going to need a little help.
[00:46]<Pig_catapult>I assume so.
[00:47]<Lincoln>the mojito disappears when loki throws it.
[00:47]* Cassgrabs Loki and drags him through the door after him.
[00:48]<Cass>"It's the only thing that's happened to you since then."
[00:48]<Lincoln>just as loki leaves the entire room is white, and the door slams shuts with a thud
[00:49]<Snoogitov>"One time we had a shitty crop. That sucked. But THAT was WAYYYYY WORSE MAN"
[00:50]<Cass>"You enjoyed it and you know it."
[00:50]<Snoogitov>Loki waves his arms around himself - apparently no gesture could accurately accompany his speech without being violent and dramatic.
[00:50]<Cass>"That was too bananas for you not to have fun."
[00:53]<Pig_catapult>Now safely out of Abespace, Averna collects herself enough to re-exert control over Acerbus's body. She sets Epiphany down and leans back against the wall, rubbing Acerbus's face with his sleeve to get rid of sweat and/or tears she'd never admit to even under torture.