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Topic Welcome to the IRV Redemption. Currently breaking in the new ship. OOC channel is #IcarusOOC
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[16:52]=-=Topic for #icarusproject is “Welcome to the IRV Redemption. Currently breaking in the new ship. OOC channel is #IcarusOOC
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[23:34]<Lincoln>we last left off with averna, janus, and cassy standing at the doorway to cassy's room
[23:35]<Pig_catapult>[23:59] Pig_catapult Averna returns quickly, Acerbus in tow this time. "What's going on?"
[23:35]<Pig_catapult>[00:02] JanusRogo "Shuttle is on the fritz. We're going to take a look."
[23:35]<Pig_catapult>[00:03] Pig_catapult ". . . Please tell me you mean one of the non-freaky ones."
[23:35]<Pig_catapult>[00:04] JanusRogo turns and frowns. "I mean one of the non-freaky ones." he says in a false tone.
[23:35]<Pig_catapult>[00:04] Pig_catapult "Dammit."
[23:35]<Pig_catapult>[00:08] JanusRogo nods.
[23:35]<Pig_catapult>[00:08] Pig_catapult [rolled a 9 against 12 on my phobia check] "Alright. . . Let's go."
[23:35]<Pig_catapult>[00:09] Cass opens his door. "Abraham? I brought Janus."
[23:37]<Pig_catapult>^more precisely where we left off
[23:54]<Lincoln>alrighty then, the door to cassy's room opens up with a slow push, a waft of warm air greets cass from inside his room
[23:54]* JanusRogowrinkles his nose. "Why is it warm?"
[23:54]<Lincoln>he can see what appears to be a dirt road leading off in either direction
[23:55]* JanusRogoturns and looks at Cass. "I want to go home."
[23:56]<Pig_catapult>Averna peers in. ". . . So do I."
[23:56]<Lincoln>Averna can hear birds chirping off in the distance
[23:56]<Pig_catapult>Averna shudders.
[23:57]<Pig_catapult>Piff writes, /At least it's not made of yellow bricks, and we haven't found a pair of ruby slippers yet?/
[23:59]<Cass>"This is somehow even more destroyed than I expected. Why is there an American trail in my bedroom?"
[23:59]<Lincoln>the road leads down a ways in both directions, to the left though you can see something off in the distance
[00:00]* Casspeers in that direction.
[00:00]* JanusRogorubs his eye. "I really, really want to go home."
[00:00]<Lincoln>You think it might be some buildings, but you can't tell for sure
[00:01]<Cass>[rolled 15!, per 20]
[00:01]<Cass>[that works. stupid dice]
[00:01]<Lincoln>heh heh yeah okay, fine you know they are buildings
[00:02]<Cass>"That might be your home. This is presumably an Abe creation, after all, and it's certainly not my home."
[00:02]<Cass>[seriously. 15.]
[00:03]<Cass>[the above is a complaint about dice, not a complaint about the intel, btw]
[00:03]<JanusRogo>[What kind of buildings?]
[00:04]<Lincoln>[it's hard to tell from this distance]
[00:05]<Pig_catapult>[tall buildings? Short ones?]
[00:05]<Pig_catapult>[Do they seem more houselike or skyscraperlike?]
[00:05]<Lincoln>[ah, houselike]
[00:05]<Cass>[...or log cabinlike]
[00:05]<JanusRogo>"Definitely not mine."
[00:06]<Pig_catapult>[Abraham Lincoln was, after all, born in a log cabin that he built with his own two hands]
[00:07]<Cass>[using trees grown from the blood of tyrants and patriots]
[00:10]<JanusRogo>"Mmmmaybe we should check it out?"