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Topic Welcome to the IRV Redemption. Currently breaking in the new ship. OOC channel is #IcarusOOC
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[21:09]=-=Topic for #icarusproject is “Welcome to the IRV Redemption. Currently breaking in the new ship. OOC channel is #IcarusOOC
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[13:57]=-=Topic for #icarusproject is “Welcome to the IRV Redemption. Currently breaking in the new ship. OOC channel is #IcarusOOC
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[21:19]<Pig_catapult>shall we get started?
[21:19]<lincoln>I guess
[21:19]<lincoln>GET OUT OF HERE FRENCHY
[21:20]<lincoln>so everyone will hear an anoucment over the PA system.
[21:20]<lincoln>It'll be the captain
[21:22]<lincoln>"Attention we will be landing on the planet Arikoweo shortly for shore leave, supply and to pick up personal."
[21:26]<lincoln>"including our physological personal..."
[21:27]* Casspulls out his PDA and does a quick search on Arikoweo, looking for odd laws, odd customs, and crime rate.
[21:29]<lincoln>"Now... in light of the recent... incident, the company directors have felt it best if we were to institutea mandatory physiological evaluation for all personnel."
[21:29]* Cassadds a search for areas to dispose of a corpse.
[21:30]<lincoln>uhh give me a research check I guess?
[21:30]<Cass>[qhat skill?]
[21:31]<Cass>[and he's focused on odd laws and customs that might screw us over or provide an opportunity]
[21:32]<lincoln>[it's research, the skill]
[21:33]<Cass>[rolled 12, have 8]
[21:34]<Cass>[ :( ]
[21:34]<lincoln>You only find porn websites with similar names.
[21:36]<Pig_catapult>[. . . I can only assume that they're some very creepy porn sites, considering he was searching for corpse-disposal locations]
[21:36]<lincoln>very very creepy
[21:37]<Cass>[At least one of them is named Aneurysm and Amanda's Secret Stash]
[21:38]* Casspicks up his cane and heads for Piff's lab.
[21:40]<Pig_catapult>Piff is sequencing the pickle's DNA. There's a progress bar very slowly filling up on one of the consoles.
[21:41]<Cass>"Any indicator it's not an ordinary pickle?"
[21:42]<Pig_catapult>Piff shakes her head. "Yot net."
[21:43]<Cass>"Keep checking, but if something hasn't turned up yet, I doubt anything will."
[21:43]<Cass>"Are you joining us on the surface?"
[21:44]<Pig_catapult>Piff nods
[21:46]<Pig_catapult>She grabs a clip board, writes /I need to get off the ship for a while./
[21:47]<Cass>"Any odd supplies to pick up, or is it mostly standard fare?"
[21:47]<Pig_catapult> /Thinking of picking up a hedgehog, to see if attempting the spiked mice would be worth it./
[21:49]* Cassgrins. "But no chemical weapons or anything in that vein?"
[21:51]<Pig_catapult>Epiphany thinks a moment. /No, I've still got enough cyanide and gas canisters./
[21:51]<Pig_catapult> /Do you all have gas masks with spare oxygen tanks?/
[21:52]<Cass>[I still have the gas mask and a couple grenades from that one mission, does it have an o2 tank?]
[21:53]<Pig_catapult>[I hadn't thought about it at the time, but let's go with yes.]
[21:53]<lincoln>[uhh, you should probably ask for one]
[21:53]<lincoln>[but yeah you can get one no prob]
[21:53]<Pig_catapult>[I think I might end up having Epiphany stock up on more gas canisters anyway, just in case.]
[21:54]<Cass>[cass would probably have gotten one at some point, then]
[21:54]<Cass>"I do. Averna might, but I doubt it. Loki will need all the basics."
[21:56]<Pig_catapult>Epiphany nods. /. . . Might actually end up stocking up on more canisters. And maybe some ricin./
[21:59]* Casslooks interested for a moment. "Please do. It may be useful at some point. Though again, a nonlethal option would also help in some situations."
[22:07]<Pig_catapult>Epiphany writes, /I'll pick up some CS gas, too, then/
[22:11]<Cass>[has the ship landed/doced/parked yet?]
[22:12]<lincoln>uh within the next hour or so, the ship recieves landing permision and crewman are able to disembark
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[22:13]<Cass>[I assume cass left piff alone at some point during that, unless she indicated he shuld stay]
[22:13]* Cassis waiting at the lock for any other non-crew awesome folks.
[22:13]<Pig_catapult>[Sounds right to me]
[22:14]<Pig_catapult>Epiphany eventually shows up at the lock, too.
[22:15]<lincoln>Lincoln will be standing behind cassy
[22:16]<Cass>[how lng has it been since the NMShuttle incident?]
[22:16]<lincoln>[about 3-4 days]
[22:17]* Casswill text Acerbus. /Dr Trebuchet, Lincoln, and I are getting some air. Do you wish to accompany us?/
[22:18]<Pig_catapult>He gets the text back, /Sure. I'll be there in a bit./
[22:19]<Pig_catapult>a few minutes later, Averna and Acerbus show up.
[22:21]<Pig_catapult>Acerbus looks like he hasn't been getting much sleep.
[22:21]<lincoln>"ACERBUS! WHAT IS WRONG! WHY ARE YOU SO TIRED!" lincoln will yell right in acerbus's face.
[22:22]<Pig_catapult>Averna leans back away from Abe and cringes. "Haven't been sleeping well."
[22:23]<Cass>"Understandable. But why can't you help Acerbus sleep?"
[22:26]<Pig_catapult>". . . Because I can only override his consciousness, not control it?"
[22:26]<Pig_catapult>"When he wakes up, he wakes up."
[22:26]<Pig_catapult>"And I generally try to get my sleeping done at the same time he does."
[22:27]<Cass>"You sleep?"
[22:27]<lincoln>"Wait wait wait, ghosts need to sleep? Isn't that a biological imperative?"
[22:28]* lincolnlooks like he is concentrating really, really hard
[22:28]<Pig_catapult>"It's. . . more of an energy-saving and mind-resting thing for us."
[22:29]<Pig_catapult>"I don't strictly need to do it every day, but it's a habit."
[22:30]<Pig_catapult>Acerbus yawns.
[22:31]<Cass>:He, though, does need it every day. If it keeps up, you could ask the psychologist for a sleep aid."
[22:34]<Pig_catapult>Averna nods tiredly. "Might end up doing that if it doesn't stop soon. Sleep dep's hell on his reflexes."
[22:36]* Casslooks at her pointedly. "It's also bad for him."
[22:37]<lincoln>so then, the airlock to the docking bay opens up, and a bunch of off duty crewman start milling off the ship
[22:37]<lincoln>there are about forty or so people
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[22:41]* Casslooks around. Anyone ranked Liutenant Commander or higher leaving?
[22:41]<Pig_catapult>"Oh. Yeah, that too."
[22:41]<Pig_catapult>[/me returns from scrounging around kitchen for dinner]
[22:41]<lincoln>one cassy
[22:42]<Cass>[anyone I recognize? and what's the rank?]
[22:43]<lincoln>[liutenant commander, and no you don't]
[22:44]<Pig_catapult>[brb popping popcorn]
[22:44]<Cass>[dammit, now I'm hungry]
[22:45]<Cass>"So, shall we?"
[22:45]* Cassheads around the crowd.
[22:47]<Pig_catapult>[back, and sorry]
[22:47]<lincoln>The crowd slowly sort of mills out of the airlock your around the back, and it takes about 5 minutes but you eventually end up inside a large, bustiling spaceport
[22:49]<Pig_catapult>"/Finally/," Piff mutters.
[22:50]<Cass>"Averna, Acerbus, Lincoln? Any places you need to go?"
[22:51]<Pig_catapult>Averna shrugs. "Not really, although I wouldn't say no to some window-shopping at the local weapons' dealer."
[22:51]<lincoln>a young man, prehaps mid twenties or so waiting right outside your dock entrance catches you eye, he is holding a large amount of laugage and appears to be waiting for someone. He is whistling cheerfuly and there appears to be a spring in his step.
[22:51]<lincoln>[that word]
[22:52]<lincoln>[HOW DID YOU KNOW!?]
[22:53]<Cass>[/me takes a step away from the ship and Abe, making sure he's not between the Luggage and either of them]
[22:56]<lincoln>After a bit, the officer you saw earlier appears to walk up and greet the man.
[22:56]<lincoln>"I have nothing to do cassy!"
[22:57]<Cass>[am I close enough to read their lips?]
[22:58]<lincoln>[you can attempt to]
[22:58]<Cass>[got 13, skill is either 16 or 18]
[22:59]<Cass>[depending on whether my boosted vision adds to my skill]
[23:00]<lincoln>[alright good to know]
[23:01]<Cass>[I think it does, but it's your ruling]
[23:02]<lincoln>It's a short conversation, the officer asks him if he's Dr King, the man nods, and the officer tells him to follow him to his room, which The doctor does.
[23:03]<Cass>""So, shall we head out with the doctor for her supplies, then visit the gun runners, or split up and meet somewhere later?"
[23:05]<Pig_catapult>"What kind of supplies?" Averna asks.
[23:06]<Pig_catapult>Piff writes, /mice and a hedgehog, then some poisons and gas canisters./
[23:06]<Pig_catapult>Averna frowns. "Me and animals don't get along well. . ."
[23:06]<lincoln>"And some magic beans"
[23:07]<Pig_catapult>Epiphany looks at Abe quizzically. "Beans?"
[23:07]<lincoln>"no not beans! magic beans!"
[23:08]<Cass>"He wants a beanstalk that will reach the clouds. And simply planting a beanstalk on a mountaintop would be too simple."
[23:08]<Pig_catapult>Epiphany writes, /Is there going to be a giant at the top?/
[23:09]<lincoln>"OF COURSE!"
[23:12]<Pig_catapult>"But where are we going to find a cow to trade for the beans?" Averna asks, hoping to prevent this fairy tale adventure from occurring, and not being quite genre-savvy enough.
[23:12]* Cassglares at her.
[23:13]<lincoln>averna hears a moo behind her.
[23:13]<Pig_catapult>Averna turns her gaze skyward and mouths the word "Why?"
[23:14]<Cass>[god hates the undead]
[23:15]* Cassdoes not turn around. "Well, lets split up, then. Averna and I will find a gun dealer, Lincoln and Dr Trebuchet can buy her supplies. Lets meet up at that bar."
[23:16]* Casspoints at one that's nearby and doesn't look terrible.
[23:16]<Pig_catapult>Averna nods, picks a direction, and starts walking. Quickly.
[23:17]<lincoln>"YAAAY PIFF! It's you and me! ON AN ADVENTURE!"
[23:17]<lincoln>Lincoln picks piff up and puts her on the cow.
[23:18]* Cassfollows Averna, and starts looking for either a poor section of town or a legal gun dealer.
[23:18]<Pig_catapult>Piff looks down at the cow, pats it a little, and ponders whether it's worth trying to figure out where it came from.
[23:20]<lincoln>The cow will moo complacently at which point lincoln will choose a random direction to walk off to, cow troting behind him at a slow pace.
[23:21]<Pig_catapult>[did you know that, when grazing, cows have a tendency to face roughly north?]
[23:21]<lincoln>[I uh, no I did not.]
[23:22]<Pig_catapult>[apparently this is a rather new discovery, which happened by accident when some guys were browsing Google Earth]
[23:24]<lincoln>[that's actually kinda neat, and useful]
[23:24]<lincoln>[in case i am ever lost and there is a cow near by that is]
[23:25]<Pig_catapult>Epiphany looks around, looking for any pet stores or chemical dealerships.
[23:26]<lincoln>okay you guys both make search checks
[23:27]<Pig_catapult>[11 vs. 20]
[23:27]<Cass>[does that default to urban survival at all?]
[23:28]<Cass>[n/m, got a 9, beat it either way]
[23:29]<lincoln>alrighty it takes you both a couple hours but cassy you are able to find your gun shop and piff is able to find her pet store.
[23:31]<Pig_catapult>[I'm debating whether or not it's plausible that the pet store might not let her buy a hedgehog for the purposes of seeing if something else can kill it]
[23:32]<lincoln>[Is it in piff's nature to risk mentioning that's it's use?]
[23:33]<Pig_catapult>[hmmm. . . probably not directly, no.]
[23:34]<Cass>[if they complain, she can promise to give it a knife and a fightingchance]
[23:34]<Pig_catapult>[But if the pet store worker asks anything along the lines of "is this your first hedgehog?", and then "do you have the supplies for it?" she's not going to lie]
[23:35]<Cass>[is there any chance piff doesn't have the supplies to take care of a fat rodent?]
[23:36]<Pig_catapult>[Hedgehogs are insectivores]
[23:36]<Pig_catapult>[. . . so. . . actually, she might.]
[23:37]<lincoln>[alrighty then, who first?]
[23:38]* Cassopens the door for Averna.
[23:38]<Pig_catapult>[And it would be amusing if Johan, contrary to her expectations, decides that the hedgehog is cool and doesn't kill it.]
[23:38]<Pig_catapult>Averna nods her thanks and walks in.
[23:39]<lincoln>you see an array of many, many different types of guns, an old grizzled man sits behinds the counter"
[23:40]<Pig_catapult>Averna gravitates towards the displays.
[23:40]<lincoln>the man is reading a magazine, looks up at you when you enter, and goes back to his magazine
[23:40]<lincoln>There are rifles, pistols, and hunting knives of all sorts
[23:41]<Pig_catapult>Averna specifically gravitates towards the knives.
[23:42]* Cassheads to the pistols. Anything either fairly concealable or fairly spectacular there?
[23:42]<lincoln>they don't have a huge selection though they do have a few standard bowie knives as well as pocket knives
[23:43]<lincoln>the selection is fairly average, if a bit mesely.
[23:43]<lincoln>for other guns too
[23:44]<Pig_catapult>Averna is a bit disappointed that there's nothing she hasn't seen before.
[23:47]* Casswill move towards the personal defense weapons, pick out a taser.
[23:48]<lincoln>He will find a slightly over priced taser
[23:51]* Casspicks it up and carries it over to the guy. "I think we need someone with a bit more selection than you have here<indicating the pistols>. Can you recommend anyone who might have a bit more stopping power?"
[23:53]<lincoln>"What sort of stopping power you lookin' fer?"
[23:55]<Cass>"I recently ran into some trouble with a [shuttle skin here] wall that needed to be moved. It was...blocking my shot at a deer. Any suggestions?"
[23:56]<lincoln>"Well now, that's some pretty serious fire power your lookin' fer. I imagine ye ain't from around here"
[23:58]<lincoln>"Nothing on this planet can legally be sold that has enough power to pierce through dat"
[00:00]<Cass>"Just stopping by. Well, I'll just buy this then, unless you think of something."
[00:00]* Casshands him 400.
[00:01]<lincoln>go ahead and roll a diplomacy check stoopid.
[00:02]<Cass>[damn. rolled 14, have 13
[00:03]<lincoln>the man hands you back 70 dollars "And here is your change sir."
[00:04]* Casslook at averna. "You ready to go?"
[00:05]<Pig_catapult>Averna heads towards the door.
[00:06]* Cassheads out. When we're outside. "Messed up. I pushed too hard. Want to find a knife store next?"
[00:12]<Pig_catapult>"They had a crap selection back there."
[00:14]<Cass>"I've generally been able to get by with any sharp object. Is there something specific you're looking for?"
[00:17]<Pig_catapult>Averna shrugs. "Something nice to look at. Knives are a form of artwork when made with the right hands."
[00:19]<Cass>"I hadn't considered that. My focus with blades is usually utility, and while some knives are better than others, almost anything that can hold an edge can remove a finger."
[00:19]<Cass>[redact finger, replace with ear]
[00:24]<Pig_catapult>[Rolled 5 against 14 for perception]
[00:26]<lincoln>alrighty Averna happens to spot a small out of the edge of the city
[00:26]<Pig_catapult>Any nice knives displayed in the front window?
[00:28]<lincoln>A few very high quality knives are displayed, though they are obviously wall pieces, you can also tell they are hand crafted
[00:29]<Pig_catapult>Averna spends a few long moments marveling at them before eagerly opening the door and going inside. There's a noticeable spring in her step.
[00:30]* Cassglances around for anyone paying too much attention to us before following her inside.
[00:32]<lincoln>a small bell rings as the door opens and you can see inside, there are not a lot of knives on the walls and on display, but the few the man does have are obviously of very high craftsmanship. There is no one at the front counter but you do here a "one moment!" come out from the back
[00:32]<lincoln>and cassy you find no one
[00:34]<Pig_catapult>Averna doesn't seem to mind at all the low quantity; it just gives her more time to look over all the wonderful details of each one.
[00:37]<lincoln>Again most of these are obviously meant as display pieces, a few having very gaudy art painted on them, some having artisticly clashing yin yang symbols and such what appears slapped on, feeling the weight of them you can tell that they are still very finely crafted.
[00:39]<Pig_catapult>Any that stand out as particularly elegant compared to the rest?
[00:40]<lincoln>uh one does
[00:42]<lincoln>it appears simple at first, but close up you can see the blad has interesting paterns on it
[00:43]<lincoln>the handle itself feels to be made of some kind of bone
[00:45]<Pig_catapult>[That's the sorta patterning you get from Damascus steel :3]
[00:46]<lincoln>[yup, s'the kind of blade it is]
[00:48]<Pig_catapult>Averna looks at the price tag.
[00:50]<lincoln>"I see you have an eye for quality" you hear from behind you
[00:51]<lincoln>A sweating man wearing an apron is standing behind you
[00:58]<Pig_catapult>Averna turns a little, smiling. "Did you make this?"
[01:01]<lincoln>The man smiles a little "Why yes, yes I did. I made all the knives in this shop myself in fact"
[01:02]<Cass>"You have considerable skill."
[01:05]<lincoln>"Heh, well thank you ma'am, I've been doing this for about on forty years now, I even apprenticed under jack blades." he looks pretty proud of that last bit.
[01:06]<Cass>[...neither char is obviously female]
[01:06]<Pig_catapult>Averna looks at the price tag sadly. "It's a beautiful piece of work. . . ."
[01:06]<Pig_catapult>[What he said]
[01:07]<Cass>"Buy it. You'll regret it if you don't."
[01:07]<lincoln>[oh right redact that to sir]
[01:08]<Pig_catapult>Averna considers a moment more, before sighing and reaching for her wallet. "You're right. . ."
[01:09]<lincoln>the man jumps behind the counter quickly.
[01:10]<lincoln>taking the knife with him, he ducks under the counter for a second, and comes back up with a silk blanket and a very ornate box.
[01:11]<lincoln>uh not blanket wow, I meant like hankerchief?
[01:12]<lincoln>THAT WORD
[01:12]<lincoln>he wraps the blade in it and puts it in the box
[01:12]<Pig_catapult>Averna takes out her card and sets it on the counter.
[01:12]<lincoln>"Never thought I'd sell that one, to be honest. Not many of the people around her have such an eye for quality..."
[01:13]<lincoln>"They mainly want that gawdy crap" he geastures to the the show pieces
[01:13]<lincoln>he rings averna up
[01:14]<lincoln>"tell you what, if you ever want something special commissioned, just give me a call. I'll give you a great price."
[01:15]<Pig_catapult>Averna smiles warmly. "Thank you. I'll keep that in mind."
[01:15]<lincoln>he hands you his card as well
[01:19]<Pig_catapult>Card goes into the wallet, and, if she's done paying, Averna very carefully -- almost-but-not-quite reverently -- picks up the box.
[01:21]<lincoln>He'll hand you back your card after you sign the reciept.
[01:21]<Pig_catapult>Averna signs it.
[01:22]<lincoln>He'll take it, and put it in his register.
[01:22]<lincoln>"If you need anything else, just let me know"
[01:23]<lincoln>with that he'll head back into his workroom
[01:24]<Pig_catapult>Averna puts her credit card back in her wallet, puts her wallet back in her pocket, and, holding the box close to her chest, heads out.
[01:25]<Cass>"Why so worried about the price? With Acerbus covering the essentials, you should be able to afford it."
[01:25]<Pig_catapult>"Huh?" Averna gives Cass an odd look.
[01:27]<Cass>"That knife was underpriced, if anything. Why are your finances so tight that you hesitated?"
[01:27]<Pig_catapult>"Wait, back up. What did you mean about Acerbus?"
[01:29]<Cass>"I assumed that the 2 of you were splitting the cost of vital supplies like food and ammunition. Do you really buy all that and let him save everything?"
[01:32]<Pig_catapult>"But he doesn't haven an inco--" Suddenly a spark of realisation lights up in Averna's eyes, followed by a conniving smile. "Ooooh, hadn't thought of trying that."
[01:32]<Pig_catapult>*have an
[01:33]<Cass>"Remember, it's his money, to be used on things he wants and needs. If he doesn't have anything to spend it on, it gets invested. Do not spend his money on yourself."
[01:36]<Pig_catapult>Averna doesn't seem to hear, or at the very least has stopped paying attention by that point.
[01:38]* Casssteps in front of her and locks eyes. "Acerbus, you will soon be getting your own money. She is not to spend it. If she wants to, tell me. Spend it only on things you want, or save it. Clear?"
[01:44]<Pig_catapult>Averna stops and takes a half-step back to avoid walking into Cass. She starts to open her mouth to say something, before thinking better of it. Instead, she's quiet for a few seconds before Acerbus mumbles an "Okay. . ."
[01:45]<Cass>"Good boy. Now, let's take that back to the ship and then head out for drinks."
[01:46]<Pig_catapult>Averna, mood now soured, starts heading back towards the ship a little more briskly than would be polite.