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Topic Welcome to the IRV Redemption. Currently breaking in the new ship. OOC channel is #IcarusOOC
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[22:06]<Pig_catapult>To refresh everyone's memories, the last several lines were:
[22:06]<Pig_catapult>[01:05] Cass "Yes, I'd noticed. He won't last long or be effective. There are advantages to speaking with a shrink, but not him."
[22:06]<Pig_catapult>[01:07] Vermilion "Who knows?" Vermilion asks. "Stranger people have succeeded."
[22:06]<Pig_catapult>[01:08] Pig_catapult "As if he'd have any idea what it's like to look directly at one of those fucking ships? Or at Abe?"
[22:06]<Pig_catapult>[01:10] Cass "Averna, there's nothing you can do at the moment. Wait, give him a chance, and if he fails, /then/ we can deal with it."
[22:06]<Pig_catapult>[01:10] Cass starts walking towards the exit.
[22:06]<Pig_catapult>[01:11] Pig_catapult Averna follows suit.
[22:06]<Pig_catapult>[01:11] Pig_catapult "You mean /when/ he fails."
[22:08]<Hydrowolfy>So guys how you going to find a pizza place? I guess?
[22:09]<Cass>[Cass found one with good reviews on the internets, preferably a place with a repution for close to italian pizza]
[22:10]<Cass>*[close to REAL italian pizza]
[22:10]<Cass>[probably not in the rich part of town]
[22:10]<Cass>[and Cass has a map on his PDA]
[22:10]<Hydrowolfy>[alright cass go ahead and roll me 3d6 to find a good place to eat.]
[22:11]<Cass>[ANNND we're off. I got an 8]
[22:12]<Hydrowolfy>Alright you manage to with a little bit of fanagling find a decent restaurant, although not super authentic, it's about the best you'll get without more intimate knowledge of the area
[22:13]<Cass>[do they offer pinapple on their pizza?]
[22:15]<Hydrowolfy>No they're a general Italian place
[22:16]<Vermilion>Penny floatfloats along the halls. In fact, there are little *float* *float* visual "sound" effects popping up next to her as she does. The other Penny is limited to walking.
[22:16]<Cass>[the owner will live, then]
[22:17]<Pig_catapult>[I'm pretty sure we're outside]
[22:18]<Cass>[I thought we were in line]
[22:18]<Pig_catapult>[I meant, re: Holopenny]
[22:19]<Pig_catapult>[I forget if she has a mobile emitter thingum or not for off-ship things]
[22:20]<Hydrowolfy>[she'd have to, the ship's holoemitter's would not allow her access]
[22:20]<Cass>"One Pizza al Prosciutto, please." I pause for a second. "That's a small ham, marinara, and mozzerella, sorry. Acerbus, what will you have? My treat."
[22:22]<Hydrowolfy>"the waitress writes down the order, you note absolutely nothing interesting about her in anyway.
[22:22]<Pig_catapult>Acerbus is paralysed by indecision. Averna speaks up instead. "Just cheese will probably be fine."
[22:24]* Cassgives her a Look beforereturning hisattention to the waitress. Is she intentionally avioding distinguishing herself? Does she seem to be using the uniform to avoid notice? This degree of blandness probably has a purpose.
[22:25]<Hydrowolfy>Give me a 3d6 roll cassy to see if you can see through her disguise
[22:25]<Pig_catapult>"What?" Averna asks irately. "Anything more complicated would probably upset his stomach. He's still not totally used to the whole 'solid food' thing."
[22:26]<Cass>[14. note, this is partially cass being paranoid. I don't really expectmuch]
[22:27]<Cass>"True, but you had to take over just to decide what to eat. Acerbus, you need to know how to do that yourself."
[22:28]<Hydrowolfy>Clearly she is part of some larger secret organization! probably a demon in disguise! You feel you should watch waht you say around her.
[22:29]<Pig_catapult>". . . Just cheese is fine," Acerbus mumbles.
[22:29]<Hydrowolfy>the waitress writes something down
[22:29]<Hydrowolfy>it seemed like a little... TOO much for a cheese pizza
[22:30]<Pig_catapult>[Does Averna notice?]
[22:30]<Cass>[Demon, no, but Cass once worked as a gardner for six weeks so he could poison a man through his pool, so he pays attention to anyone that's too bland.]
[22:30]<Vermilion>"I'll have the Hawaiian." Vermilion says.
[22:30]<Cass>"Good, Acerbus. That wasn't so hard, was it?"
[22:31]<Cass>[periphreal vision, can I see her notes without being obvious?]
[22:31]<Pig_catapult>"You do realise that he would have said that regardless of what I actually ordered, right?" Averna asks
[22:32]<Hydrowolfy>cassy she's on the other side of the table, not without getting up you can't
[22:32]<Pig_catapult>"Just substitute 'just cheese' for whatever."
[22:33]<Hydrowolfy>the waitress give vermillion a bit of a strange look and rights it down.
[22:33]<Cass>"Baby steps. Acerbus has been depending on you for a lot. I'll take anything I can get."
[22:34]<Pig_catapult>". . . Fair enough."
[22:34]<Hydrowolfy>The waitress seems entirely disinterested in the clearly schizophrenic conversation taking place.
[22:34]* Casscrosses himself and looks at Vermillion. "Have you no respect for the Pizza?"
[22:34]<Hydrowolfy>"is that it?"
[22:35]<Vermilion>"I said Hawaiian." he says, frowning at Cass.
[22:35]<Vermilion>"It's an acquired taste, I know, but I'm sticking with it."
[22:36]<Hydrowolfy>The waitress sighs and walks off to the kitchen
[22:36]* Cassshakes his head. You can hear him mutter about foreigners and damn kids, no taste at all, before returning to scanning the room.
[22:37]<Vermilion>Penny frowns herself. "Dammit, I just thought of something too late."
[22:37]<Cass>"What? Is there a problem?"
[22:37]<Hydrowolfy>the place is fairly empty, you picked a wierd part of the day to come in
[22:38]<Vermilion>"When the psychiatrist asked if I was an AI, I should have said 'No, I died and became a ghost, then my brain was put into a cyborg.' But ow it's too late."
[22:38]<Hydrowolfy>there are 2 other tables seated, on with a couple eating and chatting with each other and a man eating in a corner quietly.
[22:39]<Vermilion>"You'd think there'd be more people here. The orientation just ended."
[22:40]<Cass>"I'm sure youll have plenty of time to mess with him in the future. Best to wait until all of us are going after him at once, that way he goes crazy faster."
[22:40]<Hydrowolfy>note: this is a small place a bit of a ways from the space port, and it's the sort of place you'd have to look out for
[22:41]<Vermilion>"If he's working for this group, he's probably already certifiable." Vermilion notes.
[22:46]<Cass>"Good, we can have him locked up when he gets too annoying."
[22:46]<Pig_catapult>Averna grins a little at that.
[22:47]<Cass>"Averna, this guy is an idiot. But there's 3 others on the ship, and they can bring more in. You'll have to find one you can tolerate."
[22:48]<Hydrowolfy>At this point cassy gets a call on his phone
[22:48]<Pig_catapult>Annnd there goes the smile.
[22:49]* Casschecks the number. Who is it?
[22:50]<Cass>[Cass doesn't record numbers in his phone, so he'd probably not remember any numbers pre-RW]
[22:50]<Hydrowolfy>bellowing in at what you are quit sure is far louder then your phone should possibly be able to play at "IT IS I! ABRAHAM LINCOLN! SIXTEENTH PRESIDENT OF THESE UNITED STATES!"
[22:51]<Cass>"He hacked my ringer? HOW?!"
[22:51]* Cassanswers it.
[22:51]<Pig_catapult>Averna visibly recoils at the sound of Lincoln's voice.
[22:51]* Cassanswers it.
[22:52]<Hydrowolfy>"WHERE ARE YOU!?"
[22:52]<Cass>"Eating food. Pizza. Far from the ship."
[22:53]<Hydrowolfy>"Oh. uh... can I come? I'm bored."
[22:54]<Cass>"I doubt you'd have any more fun here. Not doing much except waiting on the waitress."
[22:55]<Pig_catapult>Averna silently lets out a relieved sigh.
[22:55]<Hydrowolfy>"AN EVIL WAITRESS!?"
[22:55]<Hydrowolfy>"I WILL BE RIGHT THERE!"
[22:55]<Pig_catapult>Annnd there goes the relief.
[22:56]* Cassflags down the waitress. "One more pizza, small, with the most ungodly combination of ingredients you can think of on it."
[22:56]<Cass>"And a soda."
[22:57]<Vermilion>Both Pennys collapse laughing. Well, Holopenny kind of floats in mid-air. "Oh, Eris, this is stupendous! I'm going to have so much fun!"
[22:58]<Pig_catapult>Averna massages the bridge of Acerbus's nose. "I'm not sure whether I envy or pity you."
[22:59]* Vermilion, for his part, blinks. "It had to happen sometime. And Averna, there are times when I wonder that myself."
[22:59]<Hydrowolfy>The waitress just kind of looks at cassy "uh can you be a bit more specific on the toppings?"
[23:00]<Pig_catapult>"Nothing with a visible mouth," Averna says immediately.
[23:01]<Cass>"Pinapple, for sure. Any meat you have. No olives, no anchovies. No hot peppers. Really, no veggies. Anything I'm forgetting?"
[23:01]<Hydrowolfy>she writes it all down
[23:02]<Cass>"Oh, and you'll be tipped well for what's about to happen."
[23:03]-->|Lincoln2 (Mibbit@synIRC-8FD3757A.dynamic.ip.windstream.net) has joined #icarusproject
[23:04]<Hydrowolfy>"uhh.. thank you?"
[23:04]<Lincoln2>and with that she walks back into the kitchen
[23:12]<Hydrowolfy>after about ten minutes, lincoln bursts into the room wearing a fake beard
[23:12]<Vermilion>Penny is beside herself (literally!) with excitement. "I can't wait I can't wait I can't wait!"
[23:12]<Hydrowolfy>over his normal beard
[23:12]<Hydrowolfy>and sunglasses as well
[23:12]<Cass>"Huh. He took longer than I expected."
[23:13]* Casswaves him over. "So, why are you in disguise?"
[23:13]<Hydrowolfy>"So she can't recognize me cassy!"
[23:14]<Cass>"So WHO can't recognize you?"
[23:14]<Hydrowolfy>the waitress comes back out with the food, lincoln eyes her suspiously
[23:15]<Hydrowolfy>"you know, the evil waitress" he quitely whispers to cassy
[23:15]<Pig_catapult>Averna looks like she wants to shrivel up and die. Again.
[23:16]<Hydrowolfy>"I know it's scary Averna, but don't worry, she probably won't do anything too scary here. She works here after all"
[23:17]<Hydrowolfy>"would be kind of embarrassing if she had to come in after she came out as a blood sucking vampire or werewolf or whathave you"
[23:18]<Cass>[hydro, get in OoC. Also, is there a specific waitress-related incident that I have forgotten about?]
[23:20]<Hydrowolfy>Nothing comes to my mind
[23:23]<Vermilion>"Oh, hi Abe!" Penny is cheerful, and there's two of her. Not sure if Abe remembers that.
[23:25]<Vermilion>Robopenny leans back in her chair. "God, hearing your voice makes this place feel like home."
[23:26]<Hydrowolfy>"this is a restaurant silly, not home!"
[23:26]<Pig_catapult>Averna might or might not be praying.
[23:27]<Cass>"Ah, good, the food is here."
[23:28]<Hydrowolfy>The waitress is bringing food out for the other table at this point"
[23:29]<Hydrowolfy>"unless... they are stealing it!"
[23:30]<Cass>"They aren't stealing it. Our order is just taking a while."
[23:31]<Hydrowolfy>"Are you sure? that looks suspiciously like what I ordered"
[23:32]<Cass>"...what did you order. When did you order? HOW did you order?"
[23:32]<Pig_catapult>"Please don't answer that," Averna whimpers shamelessly.
[23:32]<Hydrowolfy>"I... okay"
[23:32]<Hydrowolfy>Lincoln looks disapointed
[23:33]<Pig_catapult>Averna looks relieved.
[23:35]<Vermilion>"Nope, it's theirs. Otherwise, they'd be recoiling in dismay." Vermilion almost said 'disgust', but managed to be diplomatic.
[23:37]<Hydrowolfy>after a handing out their food she walks back into the kitchen and returns a few moments later with this tables food
[23:40]* Casslooks at what she's carrying with intrest.
[23:42]<Hydrowolfy>For the most part it's what you ordered, the pizza with everything on it the ham thing, the... Hawaiian.
[23:42]<Pig_catapult>Averna is hesitant to look at any at the moment.
[23:42]<Hydrowolfy>she looks at lincoln "You're the phone order, right? Mister... fakname?"
[23:43]<Cass>"That would be him. Abraham, I would have ordered for you."
[23:43]<Hydrowolfy>Lincoln looks around for someone to respond and realizes she is talking to him
[23:43]<Hydrowolfy>"Yes! THAT IS I!"
[23:43]<Pig_catapult>Averna mouths the words "oh god no"
[23:44]<Hydrowolfy>she places everyone elses food out in front of them
[23:44]<Hydrowolfy>"I'll be right back with your food mister fakname"
[23:44]<Hydrowolfy>And walks back into the kitchen
[23:44]<Pig_catapult>[wait, what about the cheese pizza?]
[23:47]<Hydrowolfy>[she placed it in front of averna]
[23:47]<Pig_catapult>Averna stares down her pizza. "For some reason, I'm not very hungry anymore. . . ."
[23:48]<Cass>"He needs to eat. If that's not appetizing we've got enough other types to go around."
[23:48]<Hydrowolfy>again the waitress comes out with... A tray of ordinary lasagna!
[23:49]<Hydrowolfy>"here you are sir sorry about the wait" and places it in front of lincoln, and walks back into the back area
[23:52]<Vermilion>"That makes too much sense." Penny cackles.
[00:11]<Pig_catapult>Averna closes Acerbus's eyes, takes a deep, calming breath, and picks up a slice of her pizza.
[00:12]* Cassdigs in.
[00:13]<Hydrowolfy>lincoln eats his delicious lasagna in the same manner a vacuum sucks up dry dirt.
[00:13]* Cassfocuses on his own meal, ignoring the obscenity that is Abe at a table.
[00:14]<Pig_catapult>Averna eats her pizza slowly, taking small sips of water between bites and trying to block out the fact that Abe is even there.
[00:15]<Hydrowolfy>lincoln manages to say between bites
[00:15]<Pig_catapult>Averna winces.
[00:18]* Vermilioneats the Hawaiian, enjoying every bite. "This is pretty good."
[00:18]<Pig_catapult>Averna nods.
[00:19]<Hydrowolfy>lincoln eyes the small pizza the waitress set in the middle of the table as she wasn't sure who's it is
[00:19]<Hydrowolfy>"thath minth?
[00:20]<Cass>I wasn't sure if you'd order something for yourself."
[00:20]<Hydrowolfy>"THANK YOU CASSY!" lincoln then takes the pizza, and wraps the lasguna with it, eating it like a taco
[00:21]<Pig_catapult>Averna has to put down her current slice.
[00:24]* Casscontinues eating, focused entirely on his own slice.
[00:27]<Pig_catapult>Averna takes a few slow, stomach-calming sips of water.
[00:28]<Cass>"So, Abraham, what have you been up to?"
[00:29]<Hydrowolfy>lincoln notices averna not eating and offers her some of his lasguna pizza taco "want some" lincoln says looking at averna with the eyes of a ten year old proud to help
[00:29]<Pig_catapult>"N-no, it's. . . it's okay. I. . . just need to give Acerbus's stomach time to settle."
[00:30]<Hydrowolfy>"suit yourself!"
[00:30]<Pig_catapult>Averna's shoulders are tensed and she's reflexively glancing around for possible escape routes
[00:31]<Hydrowolfy>lincoln looks at cassy "Well noth mucth sense yesturday, I've been watching over janus's pickle, defending it from would be attackers and such!"
[00:31]<Vermilion>"I can't say I ever imagined that." Vermilion says.
[00:32]<Vermilion>Penny grins. "Is that a euphemism for something?"
[00:32]<Cass>"Abraham doesn't euphemize."
[00:32]<Pig_catapult>Averna calms down a bit now that Lincoln's attention has been diverted away from her. "It's a long story."
[00:33]<Cass>"Say one thing and mean something else."
[00:33]<Vermilion>"Never mind. I think it's good of you to watch over his 'pickle'." Penny grins.
[00:34]<Pig_catapult>Averna stifles a bit of a snicker, and resumes eating.
[00:35]<Hydrowolfy>"AH! sort I will watch "OVER HIS" pickle" lincoln says with a wink
[00:35]<Hydrowolfy>[uh remove the word sort]
[00:35]<Pig_catapult>[Because he is significantly taller than the pickle?]
[00:35]<Vermilion>Vermilion looks down at his pizza. "I'm going to need a to-go box."
[00:39]<Pig_catapult>Averna does manage to finish the slice she's on, but looks at the remainder of her pizza skeptically. ". . . Yeah, I think I'm going to need one, too. And a drink."
[00:40]<Vermilion>Penny smirks. "Lightweight."
[00:40]<Vermilion>Vermilion glares. "Says the girl who doesn't need to eat."
[00:41]<Hydrowolfy>"Why don't you need to eat?! ARE YOU A ROBOT!?"
[00:41]<Pig_catapult>Averna happened to be drinking her water at that moment.
[00:42]<Pig_catapult>Most of it does end up back in the glass, but not all of it.
[00:43]<Hydrowolfy>Lincoln then starts talking in a series of beeps and boops
[00:44]<Pig_catapult>Averna carefully sets her glass back down and wipes Acerbus's mouth with his sleeve. "A bit of warning next time, R2?"
[00:45]<Hydrowolfy>"warning for what?!"
[00:47]<Pig_catapult>Averna ponders that one for a moment. ". . . That's a good question, actually."
[00:48]<Vermilion>"Yes, I am a robot." Robopenny says. Holopenny replies, "And I'm a hologram."
[00:49]<Hydrowolfy>"A hollow ground?"
[00:50]<Pig_catapult>Averna flags the waitress. "Our checks, please. And takeout boxes."
[00:50]<Hydrowolfy>The waitress nodes and walks off to get the checks
[00:51]<Vermilion>Penny sighs. "I'm a ghost made of science."
[00:52]<Hydrowolfy>"SCIENCE GHOST!"
[00:52]<Hydrowolfy>The waitress returns with the checks again not concerning herself with what a science ghost is
[00:53]<Pig_catapult>Averna is absolutely determined to not be concerned with it, either.
[00:53]<Hydrowolfy>"so who wins in a fight, science ghost, or real ghost?"
[00:53]<Hydrowolfy>abe looks between penny and averna
[00:53]<Pig_catapult>That gets Averna's attention. "Me, of course."
[00:54]<Vermilion>"Really? I'll take you on any time."
[00:54]<Cass>"Not in front of civillians, please."
[00:55]<Vermilion>"Well, yeah, but when we get back to the ship."
[00:55]* Casspays the check, with a 25% tip.
[00:55]<Cass>[cash, of course]
[00:56]<Pig_catapult>Averna smirks. "All I'd have to do is find your holoemitter, then fry it up like a pancake."
[00:56]<Pig_catapult>"Computers have this tendency to melt."
[00:57]<Pig_catapult>"And burn. And occasionally explode."
[00:57]<Vermilion>"Oh, I get to bring my ship body? Even better."
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