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[21:51]<Hydrowolfy>yo guys
[21:51]<Hydrowolfy>might of pissed off steve's wife
[21:52]<Cass>who pissed her off?
[21:57]<Hydrowolfy>oh me
[21:58]<Cass>what did you do, something fun?
[21:59]<Hydrowolfy>she wouldn't answer on skype so I texted him from google vocie
[21:59]<Hydrowolfy>and apparently he doesn't have that entered in under my name
[21:59]<Hydrowolfy>she asked me who I was I said your super secret girlfriend
[21:59]<Cass>nice going
[22:00]<Hydrowolfy>It's what he would have wanted me to do
[22:01]<Cass>except not when the GF is on the other side of the phone
[22:01]<Cass>did you clear it up?
[22:07]<Hydrowolfy>yeah but she is not responding
[22:08]<Hydrowolfy>Nah it's cool she should have been stealin his phone
[22:08]<Hydrowolfy>People act rational when emotional right?
[22:08]<Cass>oh, of course, they're always perfectly logical
[22:09]<Cass>I trust people to always think things through and never overreact
[22:09]<Hydrowolfy>oh good
[22:12]<Hydrowolfy>so anyways where did we leave off
[22:14]<Pig_catapult>umm, I don't really remember. I think we were getting back from shore leave? Or at a bar? I remember that Cass and Averna had a conversation about why she gets so pissed off when people try to get Acerbus to think for himself.
[22:16]<Cass>we met martin's char in a bar
[22:16]<Cass>averna admired his hands, and lit a drink on fire when he pissed her off
[22:16]<Hydrowolfy>oh jeez and he's not here
[22:16]<Cass>(I don't remember how or why
[22:17]<Hydrowolfy>ah okay
[22:17]<Pig_catapult>(Janus's pickledom came up)
[22:18]<Pig_catapult>Then she started flirting/implicitly threatening to burn his face off.
[22:18]<Hydrowolfy>one and the same really
[22:28]<Hydrowolfy>hmm uh what else was going on
[22:29]<Cass>Averna had just bought a knife
[22:29]<Pig_catapult>It was a very nice knife
[22:29]<Cass>Piffy had started her hedgehog collection
[22:29]<Pig_catapult>Damascus steel
[22:29]<Pig_catapult>Averna was going to see about getting Acerbus added to the payroll to double her effective income
[22:29]<Cass>and I think we were waiting for a mysterious stranger in a hood to offer us a job ;)
[22:30]<Cass>Cass and Janus are going to make sure her income remains similar, HIS gets increased
[22:30]<Hydrowolfy>okay, a mysterious stranger in a hood comes and offers you a job :)
[22:30]<Hydrowolfy>no wait
[22:31]<Zemyla>I'm here.
[22:31]<Pig_catapult>Cass, why aren't you in #icarusooc , other than that we're apparently not using it for our OOC chat? :P
[22:31]=-=Zemyla is now known as Vermilion
[22:32]<Cass>basically that
[22:32]<Pig_catapult>ah, well. Makes it easier to log like that
[23:01]<Hydrowolfy>so there you are, it's the next day! zemy you are at orientation with a slightly over enthusiastic trainer, as well as a few other people one who appears to be barely concious from a large amount of paper filling last night
[23:02]<Hydrowolfy>averna's filled out the forms, and just needs to turn them in piff's doing her morning thing
[23:02]<Hydrowolfy>cassy, you you just keep doing old people things
[23:04]<Pig_catapult>Averna goes to. . . wherever she has to go to turn those forms in
[23:04]<Hydrowolfy>Human resources
[23:05]<Vermilion>Penny is standing with Vermilion, even though she doesn't have to.
[23:06]<Hydrowolfy>The man prattles on about company spirit and such
[23:06]<Hydrowolfy>it's pretty boring, no one seems to be paying much mind
[23:07]<Vermilion>Penny saves a copy in case she needs to bore someone to death.
[23:08]<Hydrowolfy>it's all done on power point unless she wishes to act as a video camera
[23:09]<Pig_catapult>Averna walks over to the HR front desk, paperwork in hand. "Okay, I. . ." Averna catches herself. ". . . helped him with the forms. Now what?"
[23:09]<Hydrowolfy>"alright just let me have a look at those
[23:10]<Cass>[cass is sitting in the HR office front area, reading the futuristic equivalent to a tom clancey novel]
[23:10]<Hydrowolfy>[Why is cass even there out of curiosity
[23:11]<Cass>[because he assumes averna is going to try to take Acerbus' paycheck for herself]
[23:11]<Cass>[and he figured once she thought of the idea, she'd fill the paperwork the next day]
[23:12]<Hydrowolfy>the receptionist looks it over with a glazed look, nods and says "we'll sort out the details later. Sorry again about the mix up with payroll. It's a big ship, someone's bound to slip through the crack"
[23:13]<Hydrowolfy>"we'll make sure the back pay gets through"
[23:14]<Pig_catapult>(sorry about the wait, had to get Twenny sorted)
[23:14]<Pig_catapult>retroactive: Averna hands the papers over. They are filled out in neat, generic block print, except for Acerbus's signature and initials where required, which she actually did get Acerbus to sign for.
[23:15]<Hydrowolfy>good to know
[23:15]<Hydrowolfy>the hr man does not seem to care too much about the state of the paper however
[23:15]<Pig_catapult>current: Averna smiles. "Thank you very much." She then strolls out.
[23:16]<Pig_catapult>Currency symbols in her eys
[23:16]* Cassstands up at the same time and follows her out
[23:16]<Cass>"Wow, Acerbus, back pay too? That's a real windfall."
[23:17]<Cass>"If you'd like, I can help you find a good investment portfolio, get a retirement fund set up."
[23:19]<Vermilion>Penny decides to wake her robot body up, and bring down the paperwork if it can't be simply transmitted electronically.
[23:19]<Hydrowolfy>at this moment, the speaker for vermillion is going on about how good it is to invest in the company
[23:19]<Pig_catapult>"I suppose I should just be grateful you're not trying to get me to send him to college or something, right?" Averna asks through grit teeth.
[23:22]<Cass>"I doubt he'd be motivated enough to pass. If he needs education, I'm sure Dr Trebuchet could direct him to a good correspondence course, and likely find a way for him to afford it."
[23:26]<Cass>"But there's nothing wrong with planning for the future. By the time he's ready to retire, his body should be too old for you to use effectively anyways."
[23:27]<Vermilion>Vermilion subvocalized to Penny, "I think being willing to die for them is a big enough investment."
[23:27]<Pig_catapult>". . .You have a point, you bastard," Averna concedes.
[23:28]<Pig_catapult>She is not happy about it.
[23:30]<Pig_catapult>"On the off-chance it doesn't go to waste because I'm literally the only thing keeping him alive, that is."
[23:30]<Vermilion>"Hey Acerbus/Averna." Penny says both names at the same time somehow. "Is this where forms go?"
[23:30]<Pig_catapult>"Yeah," Averna says grumpily.
[23:31]<Cass>[we're currently having this...discussion in a hallway, I thought, though I guess we could setill be next to the HR office.]
[23:31]<Pig_catapult>(I figured we were just a little ways down the hallway)
[23:31]<Pig_catapult>(and she was closer to the door)
[23:32]<Hydrowolfy>[pointing was prehaps involved]
[23:32]<Pig_catapult>(let's go with that)
[23:34]<Vermilion>"Okay. Good to see you made it as well. Lots of familiar faces." She makes a face herself. "Be glad you aren't at the presentation. The guy there makes Ben Stein look full of vigor and life."
[23:35]<Cass>[did the captain do our introduction/orientation?]
[23:35]<Hydrowolfy>[more or less, but he was busy today, a lower level officer did it today]
[23:37]<Cass>"Our presentation could have done with a little bit more Ben Stein and a bit less Heath Ledger."
[23:38]<Pig_catapult>Averna nods. "Have you met Captain Happy yet?"
[23:38]<Vermilion>"Vermilion and Penny are still stuck in it." Penny tells them.
[23:39]<Vermilion>"Not yet, unfortunately. Or is that 'fortunately'?"
[23:39]<Pig_catapult>"Fortunately. Well, you don't have viscera, so. . . depends."
[23:40]<Vermilion>"I'll tell Vermilion to keep his viscera hidden."
[23:40]<Pig_catapult>"Let's hope it stays that way."
[23:40]<Pig_catapult>Averna seems sincere
[23:41]<Cass>"Juat be...cautious. He's not actively violent, but I think he's crazier and more dangerous than any of us."
[23:41]<Pig_catapult>Averna nods in wholehearted agreement. "By the way, have I shown you my finger collection?"
[23:42]<Vermilion>"Speaking of crazy and dangerous, did Abe make it?"
[23:42]<Hydrowolfy>[abe is currently doing something most people would prefer to ignore]
[23:42]* Cassglances around. [does abe suddenly appear?]
[23:43]<Cass>"Yes, he's here, he's fine. I don't think you want to know any more."
[23:43]<Hydrowolfy>[[not like that you dirty old man]]
[23:44]<Pig_catapult>[I was assuming he's cosplaying the Bananas in Pajamas]
[23:44]<Pig_catapult>[Both of them]
[23:44]<Vermilion>"I beowse Starchan. Try me." she grins cockily.
[23:44]<Pig_catapult>"Have you heard of the Bananas in Pajamas?" Averna asks.
[23:45]<Cass>[I don't know what he's doing, I honestly wasn't thinking anything sexual, but I figured I should cut off any discussion of it]
[23:45]<Vermilion>"Pre-contact kids' show?"
[23:46]<Pig_catapult>Averna nods. "Did you already know that, or did you have to Google it, too?"
[23:47]<Vermilion>"Nope. It had a surprisingly big following on a space station we visited."
[23:48]<Pig_catapult>(oh God, I Youtubed the opening song. Nostalgia overload)
[23:49]<Vermilion>"Is Abe watching it? It'd fit him."
[23:51]<Pig_catapult>". . . Yes. . ." Averna says. "That's. . . one of the things he's doing."
[23:52]<Pig_catapult>"Or, at least, was doing, last I had the misfortune to check.
[23:52]<Hydrowolfy>the presntation ends with a large cheer and everyone's directed to go to HR to fill out the finishing touches on the paperwork .
[23:54]<Vermilion>"Whoops, presentation's over. I've got to get this turned in, beat the rush. See you later!" She heads into the office.
[23:57]<Pig_catapult>Averna is sad to see her go. It means she has to listen to Cass talk to Acerbus/lecture her again.
[23:59]<Cass>"So, should we do lunch? I found a couple places that seem good."
[00:01]<Pig_catapult>". . . If I decline, you'll just find another occasion to to try and make me feel bad about my unlife choices, correct?"
[00:03]<Cass>"Actually, at some point I would like to talk to Acerbus, but that can wait. I trust that you understand that when his paycheques start coming in, they will be used appropriately, s I'm willing to table the matter for now."
[00:03]<Cass>"So this would just be lunch."
[00:05]<Pig_catapult>Averna considers, then sighs. "Fine. . . Where you thinking?"
[00:07]<Cass>"There's a pizza place that is supposed to be not horrible, or we could take a chance on the regional cuisine. The local seafood is supposed to be excellent."
[00:08]<Pig_catapult>". . . Pizza. I'd rather avoid seafood right now."
[00:09]<Cass>"Should we invite the others, or is it just us?"
[00:12]<Pig_catapult>Averna shrugged. "Haven't seen that Vermillion guy in a while, I guess."
[00:15]<Vermilion>Vermilion is walking to the food court from the presentation room, and sneezes.
[00:15]<Hydrowolfy>you guys are still near the hr room right?
[00:16]<Hydrowolfy>ah you'll notice a group of 10 or so people mulling by you to the room
[00:16]<Hydrowolfy>you recognize martin's character, but get the feeling a paradox will happen if you talk to him
[00:17]<Hydrowolfy>You also see another familar face, you saw get on the icarus yesturday
[00:18]<Vermilion>[Do the paradox! Do it! :P]
[00:18]<Hydrowolfy>[uh this guy was the physcologist guy I mentioned last real session]
[00:19]<Cass>[yeah, neither of us is talking to him willingly]
[00:19]<Hydrowolfy>[yeah but you also don't know who he is in character
[00:21]<Cass>[are you sure, I know casss watched him get on, I thought he'd heard the title]
[00:21]<Hydrowolfy>[ugh like 90 percent
[00:22]<Hydrowolfy>[pig what do you remember?]
[00:22]<Cass>[fine, but I still doubt we'd approach him]
[00:22]<Pig_catapult>[I vaguely recall us seeing him get on, and being told that we'd be picking up some shrinks. And I think Cass might be right]
[00:23]<Pig_catapult>[but yeah. No reason to approach him any more than the 8 other guys we've never met
[00:24]<Pig_catapult>[so, uh, should we wrangle Vermillion and/or Penny?]
[00:25]<Hydrowolfy>[oh I was going to have him approach you first, I just figured knowing who he was would effect his reaction to him]
[00:26]<Pig_catapult>[Ah, I see]
[00:26]<Vermilion>HoloPenny spots Cass and Averna and waves. "Hello again! Vermilion, over here!"
[00:26]<Hydrowolfy>The familar man who looked like he was lost in his own thoughts moments ago seems to have noticed the two of you
[00:26]<Hydrowolfy>or three/four?
[00:26]<Vermilion>Vermilion follows. "Ah. Good to see two familiar faces."
[00:26]<Pig_catapult>Four, then, I guess?
[00:27]<Pig_catapult>"Hey," Averna says.
[00:28]<Pig_catapult>[at Vermillion, not the other dude]
[00:28]<Hydrowolfy>the man looks like his day got ten times brighter and approaches the group "Excuse me, you wouldn't happen to be Averna and Acerbus would you?"
[00:29]<Pig_catapult>Averna rounds on him, Acerbus's right pupil lighting up bright red. "Who's asking?"
[00:30]<Pig_catapult>[What's his soul look like?]
[00:30]* Casssteps forward and to the side, into a position to either shoot one or get between them.
[00:30]<Cass>[the fact that I don't have a gun at the moment doesn't change the positioning]
[00:31]<Hydrowolfy>"ah forgive me, I'm Doctor King, I was hired to do assessment sessions for the crew after a recent tramatic experience
[00:31]<Hydrowolfy>*the not a"
[00:32]* Cassmoves to clearly support Averna. "Ah. I'm sure some of the crew will appreciate your help, Doctor."
[00:32]<Hydrowolfy>[also his soul is a darker shade of blue compared to Abe's]
[00:32]<Pig_catapult>[but no freaky stuffs?]
[00:32]<Pig_catapult>If Averna seemed a little overly hostile and defensive before, she's moreso now. "And some won't."
[00:33]<Hydrowolfy>[None noticeable]
[00:33]<Hydrowolfy>"Oh right right many people are afraid of physcologists, funny how it seems like they are the ones who need them the most" he seems oblivious to the subtext
[00:34]<Pig_catapult>[So. . . how about them hands?]
[00:35]<Cass>"And many psychologists should be afraid of their patients. Funny how the most confident are usually the ones who should be most afraid."
[00:35]<Pig_catapult>Averna is eyeing Dr. King's hands, but is trying to be at least a little subtle about it.
[00:36]<Vermilion>Penny whispers to Vermilion, "Was the traumatic experience Averna getting hired?" Vermilion manages not to laugh.
[00:36]<Hydrowolfy>"ha ha! You may be right, sometimes those in our profession forget themselves"
[00:37]<Vermilion>((What does Dr. King himself look like?))
[00:37]<Pig_catapult>[Does he have nice hands?]
[00:38]<Hydrowolfy>[yeah his hands are normal in every way, maybe a bit dry]
[00:40]<Hydrowolfy>[king looks like a rather tall gangly fellow, black matty hair, but carries himself with an overall calm disposition]
[00:42]<Vermilion>"Good to meet you, Dr. king." Vermilion offers. "I'm Vermilion Vanderbilt, and this is my lovely and talented sidekick Penny."
[00:43]<Hydrowolfy>"Ah good to meet you Vermillion, Penny"
[00:43]<Hydrowolfy>King offers a handshake to both of them
[00:43]<Vermilion>Penny waves. "Hi there! I probably won't see you after this, as I am in absolutely perfect mental health! I am the absolute picture portrait of sanity!" She puts a holographic hand through his.
[00:44]<Hydrowolfy>"ha! of course of course"
[00:44]<Hydrowolfy>"oh! a holigram, you wouldn't happen to be an AI would you?"
[00:45]<Vermilion>A robot walks up to them, looking exactly like Penny. "Ignore her, she's quite incurably insane. Good to meet you, Doctor. I am Penny."
[00:46]<Hydrowolfy>He laughs a bit greets penny 2 as well
[00:47]<Vermilion>"Yeah, I'm an AI." HoloPenny says. "Neither of us is the real Penny; to meet me, you'd need to go to the hangar, and I don't think a space fighter will fit on your couch as you ask 'Tell me about your motherboard...'"
[00:49]<Hydrowolfy>"Ah! a fighter pilot AI! You don't see them much, what with cost of fighting something that powerful on a machine so small. my doctoral thesis was on the mental health of AI, actually so please, if you ever find yourself in need of someone to talk to, don't hesitate to ask"
[00:51]<Hydrowolfy>king looks back at the group"That extends to all of you, just because I'm here for evaluations doesn't mean I 'm not fufilling my normal duties"
[00:52]<Vermilion>"Yeah, it was a trial, but it was worth it." Vermilion replies. "I started by seeding her with the entire pre-Contact Earth Internet, so she doesn't think like most people or even most AIs."
[00:53]<Hydrowolfy>"Ah an... interesting choice. "
[00:53]<Pig_catapult>"Obviously, he is more crazy than we are, so can we go now?" Averna asks pointedly.
[00:54]<Cass>"Will you just be evaluating the personell directly involved with the incident, or is it the entire crew, from ensign to captain?"
[00:55]<Hydrowolfy>"Ah well I should be getting going now, I'm excited to get to know all of you, especailly you two. " pointing at Acerbus "Alright well I should be filling out forms don't wanna get too behind, goodbye"
[00:55]<Pig_catapult>"Oh fucking hell," Averna mutters as soon as he's out of earshot.
[00:55]<Vermilion>"Don't know which 'he' you're talking about, but I agree completely." HoloPenny says to averna.
[00:56]<Hydrowolfy>uh also retcon
[00:56]<Hydrowolfy>right after cass asks that he responds with a "oh I'll be dealing with those directly affected by the incident, there are 3 others for the rest of the crew"
[00:57]<Cass>"You and Acerbus could likely use some help, just to deal with the changes, but that doctor seems off."
[00:58]<Vermilion>Penny binary chirps at the ship's computer, asking what incident happened.
[00:59]<Hydrowolfy>It's covered under classified info, you have to sign a few NDA's to figure it out
[01:00]<Hydrowolfy>penny will also find access is denied to her for anything but the most basic systems
[01:01]<Vermilion>She shrugs mentally, and says "Talking to shrinks makes me hungry, and I don't even have a stomach."
[01:02]<Vermilion>"Were you two going to get some food?" Vermilion asks.
[01:03]<Pig_catapult>retroactive, re: Cass: "He thinks I'm /interesting/," Averna said, nearly spitting the word out. "In the sciency, petri dish way."
[01:05]<Cass>"Yes, I'd noticed. He won't last long or be effective. There are advantages to speaking with a shrink, but not him."
[01:07]<Vermilion>"Who knows?" Vermilion asks. "Stranger people have succeeded."
[01:08]<Pig_catapult>"As if he'd have any idea what it's like to look directly at one of those fucking ships? Or at Abe?"
[01:10]<Cass>"Averna, there's nothing you can do at the moment. Wait, give him a chance, and if he fails, /then/ we can deal with it."
[01:10]* Cassstarts walking towards the exit.
[01:11]<Pig_catapult>Averna follows suit.
[01:11]<Pig_catapult>"You mean /when/ he fails."