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[21:17]<Lincoln>hey hey everybooody
[21:17]<Lincoln>[[err everyboooddyy in brackets]]
[21:19]* JanusRogois on the floor of the shuttle, gun sitting on the floor next to him.
[21:20]<Pig_catapult>Averna is having a good sit after all that excitement.
[21:20]<Pig_catapult>And by "excitement", I mean "craziness"
[21:22]<Lincoln>the shuttle doors open with a distinct *kssshhhhhhh*
[21:23]<Lincoln>8 Armed guards are standing about ten feet away, guns pointed at the door.
[21:24]<Pig_catapult>Epiphany sighs.
[21:25]<Pig_catapult>"He's fine now," Averna says.
[21:26]<Pig_catapult>"I think something weird was going on with his resonator."
[21:26]<Lincoln>They all ignore Averna, and still point their guns
[21:26]<Pig_catapult>Averna rolls Acerbus's eyes and puts her hands up in a show on nonviolence/compliance
[21:27]* Cassopens his eyes. "What's...Oh. You can put those down, I'm obviously not going to kill anyone at the moment."
[21:27]<Lincoln>After a few moments, The captain walks in, barely smiling but you can still notice the slightest upwards tilt to it.
[21:27]* Casshas moved into a seat by that point.
[21:27]<Cass>"Sir, what the hell were you thinking?"
[21:28]<Lincoln>He looks at the guards, nods, and they all put they're guns down.
[21:28]<Lincoln>"I was about to ask you the same god damned question. Turning on the Defense AI?!"
[21:29]<Lincoln>"You blew up one shuttle killing our best damned pilot"
[21:29]<Cass>[did we do that, it's been a while]
[21:29]<Lincoln>"And worse, you could've blown this ship to pieces!"
[21:29]<Pig_catapult>[I don't remember]
[21:29]<Lincoln>[the ship started attacking on it's own, you never got any indication as to how or why it did]
[21:30]<Cass>"We didn't. That ship was a trap. We told you they were dangerous, and we lost good men for your precious data."
[21:30]<Lincoln>"of course the damn ship was a trap, that's why we sent you in the first place!"
[21:30]<Pig_catapult> /they're ALL traps/, Epiphany writes on her clip board and holds it up
[21:31]<Cass>"Then why are you blaming us when you ordered us into it?"
[21:31]* JanusRogotwitches slightly
[21:31]<Lincoln>"You were supposed to prevent things like that from happening!"
[21:31]<Pig_catapult>100% of Averna's attention is now back on Janus
[21:31]<Cass>"Even the devices nearly killed us. Also, someone restrain him."
[21:31]<Lincoln>"You didn't do your job"
[21:32]<Lincoln>"Remember, you are expendable, this ship is not."
[21:32]<Cass>"Our job was to activate the devices and survive. We did. Your job is to keep your people safe, and you failed horribly."
[21:33]<Cass>"And guards, restrain Mr Rogo. He's perfectly sane, and therefore will try to kill the captain upon waking up. The captain may deserve it, but I'drather not get into another firefight right now."
[21:35]<Lincoln>the captain looked dumbstruck at cassys comment, less a struck nerve face and more a "my god what did he just say face.
[21:35]* JanusRogotwitches again.
[21:35]<Pig_catapult>Epiphany writes, /It's not like any of us went and pushed a "shoot everything" button./
[21:35]<Lincoln>the guards will look at the captain after cassy gives orders to people he shouldn't be giving orders to, who then nods in agreement.
[21:36]<Cass>"Wonderful. You're going to be commanding this ship in combat? That's perfect. Guards, listen to me if you want the captain to live. Otherwise, don't move."
[21:38]<Lincoln>"forget it, let's discuss this during the debrief, meet me in the debrief room in 1 hour"
[21:38]<Lincoln>2 of the guards walk over to pick up janus, and drag him to the infarmy
[21:40]* Casslooks at one of the guards. "Is the XO competent, or does the captain command during combat?"
[21:40]<Cass>[assuming the captain has left]
[21:41]<Lincoln>The guard looks over at cassy "Captain commands during the battles, he refuses to let anyone else take charge."
[21:41]<Lincoln>[[couple more guards grab ross]]
[21:43]<Pig_catapult>Epiphany shuffles out of the shuttle, shrugs off her lab coat, and starts suiting down/
[21:43]<Cass>"Fine. That's perfect. Make sure you strap Mr Rogo down well, he's not going to be in a good mood after officers got even more of his men killed."
[21:44]* Cassclimbs out of the shuttle and starts dropping gear with the air of someone who wants to be elsewhere, and soon.
[21:44]<Pig_catapult>". . . Anyone else notice that the ship's glowing blue?" Averna asks.
[21:45]<Lincoln>The guard looks at cassy like he's and idiot, shrugs, and drags rogo off to the infirmary
[21:47]* Casslooks at the ship. [Is it glowing blue?]
[21:48]<Cass>"It doesn't appear to be. Does Acerbus see it?"
[21:50]<Pig_catapult>The red light in Acerbus's right pupil flickers a bit. ". . . Never mind, then. It's just me."
[21:50]<Pig_catapult>"Still not used to inanimate objects looking like they have souls."
[21:52]<Lincoln>[alrighty then, anyone else got anything they want to do before the official debriefing? janus will wake up before then]]
[21:52]<Cass>"I'd recommend having a scientist check it out, but other than Epiphany, I don't trust most of them to check their flies."
[21:53]* Casswill stow his gear, other than his cane, and spend a few moments in his room.
[21:53]* JanusRogowill stow his gear, burn his suit, and check up on Ross.
[21:53]<Lincoln>ross appears to be in some kind of coma
[21:53]* JanusRogowill be a giant asshole the whole time.
[21:53]<Pig_catapult> /I really don't know anything about souls or stuff like that,/ Epiphany writes when she gets a chance. She goes to her room to check on her babies
[21:54]<Lincoln>people hate dealing with janus
[21:54]* JanusRogois worse than usual. Also mocking and condescending.
[21:54]* Casstracks down Janus 10 minutes before the debrief.
[21:55]<Lincoln>Epiphany will find that all her fishies are entirely fine! though they seem to have been rattled by the battle, err, as rattled as fish can appear to be.
[21:55]<Pig_catapult>Averna stows her suit, puts her knife back in its sheath, and decides to wear Acerbus's nice hat.
[21:55]<Pig_catapult>Epiphany gives them all kisses through the glass and talks to them a bit
[21:57]* JanusRogooutfits himself in a set of body armor and a large gun.
[21:59]<Lincoln>janus appears to be unable to procure those items without the proper clearance
[22:00]* JanusRogohas his own stock.
[22:00]<Lincoln>in that case janus has no problem
[22:01]* JanusRogois polite enough to not point the gun at the crew.
[22:01]<Lincoln>the seem to avoid him just the same
[22:01]<JanusRogo>Unless they get too close or threatening to him
[22:02]<Pig_catapult>Piff writes down an. . . edited version of her recollections of the mission, so she'll be able to present it later when asked.
[22:02]* Cassretrieves his assault rifle before heading to the debriefing.
[22:02]<Pig_catapult>She leaves out or glosses over large portions of the hallucination the ship gave her.
[22:04]<Pig_catapult>Averna shows up at the door of the debriefing room early, but doesn't go in until it's actually time to. She'd rather avoid spending too much time around Captain Happy.
[22:05]<Lincoln>Alrighty, everyone at the debriefing room now then?
[22:05]<Cass>Yes, though Cass likely arrives last.
[22:05]* JanusRogosits near a corner, facing the door, assault rifle in hand.
[22:05]<Cass>[and captain happy is likely not going to appear]
[22:06]<Lincoln>The captain walks in
[22:06]<Lincoln>Looks over at janus and cassy
[22:06]* JanusRogoglares.
[22:06]* Cassis watching Janus.
[22:06]<Lincoln>Sighs, and goes to sit at the end of the conference table
[22:06]<Pig_catapult>Averna takes a seat not next to Janus, but rather one over
[22:07]<Pig_catapult>She doesn't want to get in his way
[22:07]* JanusRogowaves his rifle in Cass' direction. "Keep eyeballing me. You're only at nine, fifty-six, and thirty-four.
[22:07]<Pig_catapult>Epiphany just takes the seat nearest the door because it's the most convenient for her.
[22:08]* Cassjust keeps watching for any sign of attack from Janus.
[22:08]<Cass>[Remember, I have reflexes and danger sense]
[22:10]<Pig_catapult>Epiphany looks around the room a little, and writes, /Janus, what do those numbers mean/
[22:10]* JanusRogosmiles grimly. "Scores."
[22:10]<Lincoln>the captain grimaces at janus comment, and looks over the rest of the team "Alright then, would someone please explain just what the hell went on over there? Lets start with you Doctor trebuchet as it appears your the only one who hasn't brought a weapon to this meeting"
[22:11]<Pig_catapult>Epiphany hands over her handwritten report
[22:12]<Lincoln>The captain sighs and looks over it
[22:15]* JanusRogonarrows his eyes at the Captain, grip tightening on the gun.
[22:15]* Casswatches Janus.
[22:15]<Lincoln>the captain doesn't really seem concerned about janus's action
[22:17]<Lincoln>The captain flips through it a bit, sighs, and looks at averna
[22:17]<Lincoln>"Alright then, would you mind explaining just what went on?"
[22:19]<Pig_catapult>Averna shrugs. "We got to the designated location with minimal difficulties. It wasn't until we actually turned on the HELL machines that things went to, well, hell."
[22:21]<Lincoln>"Hell broke loose? Would you mind elaborating a bit more please?"
[22:21]<Lincoln>"As in, what exactly is minimal difficulty? We need to know everything, Averna"
[22:23]<Pig_catapult>"Well. . . Doc had some sort of difficulties with her resonator."
[22:23]<Pig_catapult> /it was really uncomfortable/ Piff writes.
[22:24]<Lincoln>"Uncomfortable how?"
[22:25]<Cass>"Let her not answer. I can. The Hell machines knocked out my resonator. I spent decades in hell over the course of 15 minutes."
[22:25]<Cass>"...Fire-and-pitchfork hell. It was considerably unpleasant."
[22:25]<Lincoln>"What? That's impossible, they don't even work on the same level, you must be mistaken"
[22:26]* JanusRogonarrows his eyes at Cass. "And tell me... What did you bring back?"
[22:26]<Pig_catapult>"But that's what happened to us, too," Averna pipes up.
[22:26]<Cass>"Your scientists messed up. Sir. The machines emitted a concussion pulse that knocked us out and destroyed our resonator."
[22:27]<Cass>"Janus, I came back unchanged. I've made my peace with the final destination, this was just a...preview."
[22:28]* JanusRogoshakes his head. "This is my four hundred and eighteenth debriefing."
[22:28]<Lincoln>"No, seriously, that's impossible, it doesn't even have enough power to do that. That's like trying to pop a ballon with a cell phone signal"
[22:28]<Pig_catapult>"Well it's what happened," Averna says.
[22:28]<Cass>"They were running well above capacity. My machine was at 200%."
[22:29]<Cass>"And yes, that's impossible. I know. I also know what happened."
[22:29]<JanusRogo>"Mine varied. Last I saw it was at 150."
[22:30]<Pig_catapult>"I wasn't paying much attention to ours," Averna admitted. "Moore?"
[22:30]<Lincoln>moore shrugs "actually we were running under, about 80%"
[22:31]<Lincoln>The captain leans back in his chair "We'll know more about exactly what caused the blast when the devices start giving feedback. Now then, How exactly did the ship's weapons turn on and start firing?"
[22:32]<Pig_catapult>Averna shrugs.
[22:32]* JanusRogoshrugs. "I activated them."
[22:33]<Lincoln>"you. what?"
[22:33]* Cassaims at Janus.
[22:33]<Cass>"Explain. Now."
[22:33]* JanusRogosnaps his gun up at Cass in response. "Drop it, or I'll drop you."
[22:34]<Pig_catapult>Averna just frowns and gives Janus a worried look.
[22:35]<Lincoln>the captain still does not appear concerned
[22:35]<Lincoln>"Put your guns down, please, they won't do you much good"
[22:36]* Casslowers his weapon. "Janus, you have 30 seconds to explain yourself. Captain, you better be right after him. I've dealt with too much today to be jerked around."
[22:36]<JanusRogo>"They've done me plenty of good, so far. I activated the weapons on the ship. I also deactivated them. Destroyed the console a few times. Destroyed the weapons themselves."
[22:37]* JanusRogodoes not take his gun off Cass. "And toss your gun over here."
[22:38]<Lincoln>The captain looks confused, at janus "A couple of times?"
[22:38]<Cass>"Time loop? Possible. Interesting. But likely just the nightmare ship messing with him."
[22:38]<JanusRogo>"If you do not toss your gun away, I will shoot you."
[22:38]<JanusRogo>"And if you don't stop smiling, I'll do the same."
[22:39]<Pig_catapult>"Man, the kid and I got off the hook really easy. . ." Averna murmurs, almost to herself.
[22:39]<Lincoln>the captain chuckles a bit a janus's comments
[22:39]* Casstosses it to Piff. "You have no idea. I'll expect that back when we leave."
[22:40]<Pig_catapult>It just kinda lands in Epiphany's lap. She's no good at catching.
[22:40]* JanusRogoturns to the Captain. "You think I'm kidding?"
[22:41]<Pig_catapult>"He's not," Averna says to the Captain. "He's really not."
[22:41]<Lincoln>"I told you, that won't work, unless you want to collapse again I suggest you put the gun down, she doesn't like voilence."
[22:42]<Pig_catapult>". . . What was that blue flash I saw earlier?" Averna asks suddenly
[22:43]* JanusRogostares then swings the gun around to the Captain. "She?"
[22:44]<Lincoln>The captain looks a tad bit nervous, like he let slip a little too much "The ships onboard AI."
[22:44]* JanusRogonarrows his eyes. "Where's Abe?"
[22:44]<Lincoln>"I'm not his keeper"
[22:45]<JanusRogo>"You might want to find him and bring him here."
[22:47]<Lincoln>The captain will shrug and speak into his com unit "Will a mister Lincoln please report to the conference room as soon as possible"
[22:47]<JanusRogo>"Your AI managed to knock me out earlier. How?"
[22:47]<Cass>"Implants. Likely we were gassed and then operated on while we slept."
[22:48]<Pig_catapult>"I saw a bright flash of blue light when you went down," Averna says, trying to be helpful
[22:48]<Cass>"Probably inside the skull, for most effective control."
[22:48]<Cass>"They'd use different methods for Dr Trebuchet and Averna."
[22:49]<Pig_catapult>". . . it was the same blue as the resonators and the ship."
[22:49]* Casslooks at the captain. "It wasn't implants. You want the Nightmare ships for weapons research."
[22:50]* JanusRogowalks up to the Captain, stares at the man for a second, then discards the rifle. "Talk."
[22:51]<Lincoln>"I've already told you everything You need to know"
[22:51]<JanusRogo>"No, you really haven't."
[22:51]<Cass>"Speaking as the ones exposed to danger, we have very different definitions of need to know. Talk, or I walk."
[22:52]<Lincoln>At this point Lincoln will walk into the door, wearing a "Joe's lobesters!" bib which is covered in butter
[22:53]* Lincolnruns over to hug janus
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[22:55]-->|Cass (~ad4a92da@synIRC-55F8CE75.dllstx.fios.verizon.net) has joined #icarusproject
[22:55]<Lincoln>"Ha! go right ahead, walk away, we can always get new recruits."
[22:56]* JanusRogosmiles happily and hugs back. "Hey, Abe. I missed you, man."
[22:56]<Lincoln>"it feels like it's been months!"
[22:57]<JanusRogo>"You have no idea...."
[22:58]<Lincoln>Lincoln looks over at piff
[22:58]<Pig_catapult>Piff waves. "Hi."
[22:58]<Lincoln>he then moves his current hug over to subsume piff
[22:58]<Pig_catapult>Cass's gun gets dropped to the ground in the process
[22:59]* JanusRogoturns back to the Captain. "Tell me. How fast can your AI act?"
[22:59]<Cass>"Abe, it's been a pleasure. I am sorry we couldn't resolve this conflict satisfactorily, Captain. When people stop hiring on because they always die, know that this was your chance to avoid that."
[22:59]<Lincoln>"fast enough"
[23:00]<JanusRogo>"Light speed?"
[23:01]* Cassmoves to the dropped gun, picks it up left-handed, and ejects the clip. "I do wish you the best of luck. I'll be in my quarters or the mess until we reach a planet."
[23:01]<Lincoln>"okay, first off, Mister cassimiro, I can give you my complete assurance That the AI had nothing to do with any deaths. Secondly"
[23:01]* Casswalks out of the room.
[23:01]<Cass>[redact my last /me, and only that.]
[23:02]<Lincoln>"Secondly, What more do you want to know, I can tell you everything about anything accept related to the AI program, you simply don't have the proper clearance for it."
[23:04]* JanusRogodrums his fingers on the table. "How did it knock me out?"
[23:04]<Lincoln>"I apologize, that's classified"
[23:05]<Pig_catapult>"And what about the blue?" Averna asks.
[23:05]<Cass>"It's not the AI I'm blaming, it's you. You are either withholding information, or your people were utterly incompetent. Neither bodes well for future work. Combine that with Janus cracking, and the fact that you intend to carry out further research on the nightmare ships, and I simply feel that killing people surrounded by a legion of bodyguards is far safer.""
[23:06]* JanusRogopoints his hand at Casimiro and yells "I am NOT cracking!"
[23:06]* JanusRogolooks fucking /pissed/
[23:07]<Lincoln>"Incompetent? How were they incompetent? You were supposed to be guarding them!"
[23:07]<Cass>"You're irrational, violent, and treating your hallucinations as reality. That's insanity. Understandable, I lost it for a while, but still insanity."
[23:08]<Pig_catapult>". . . I'm afraid I have to agree with Cass," Averna says. "You've lost it."
[23:09]<Cass>"Not the soldiers. Your scientists who assured you that the tech was ready for use in high-risk situations. The scientists who cost you far too many lives already."
[23:09]* JanusRogopoints to Averna, then back to the Captain. "Guarding them? Guarding them against what? You say they're hallucinations. You know what I hallucinated?"
[23:10]<JanusRogo>"I've hallucinated everything, from my own deaths, to the end of the galaxy. Thousands of times. Thousands and thousands of times. You've all killed me. I've been alone for months at a time. Tell you what. Keep it up and I'll hallucinate my fist in your teeth."
[23:11]<Lincoln>just then, a scientist pops in,
[23:11]<Cass>"I spent decades trapped. You're not the only one who went through the worst thing possible, you're just the only one who couldn't handle it."
[23:12]<Lincoln>he,uh, he seems to be kind of blown by those past two comments.
[23:12]* JanusRogostops and walks over to Casimiro.
[23:12]* Cassputs the gun against his kneecap. "I have a bone to pick with you. Fortunately, you can pick which."
[23:12]<Cass>[the scientists]
[23:12]* JanusRogostands right in front of Cass.
[23:12]<Lincoln>The scientist seems incredibly frightened.
[23:13]<Lincoln>"We, err, we just started recieving data back from the HELLS
[23:13]<Cass>I'm assuming these guns leave one round in the chamber, correct?]
[23:13]<Lincoln>"Um, just thought you'd all like a look at the data"
[23:14]<Lincoln>He quickly sets down the report on the table and runs out of there
[23:17]<Cass>"Janus, I went through Hell. So did you. So did the Doctor, and she's 6. You need to deal."
[23:18]* JanusRogocalmly puts fist up to Cass' throat. "Do you know what I hate, above all things?"
[23:19]<Cass>"Officers that get people killed. And some idiot named Viktor. I am neither of those."
[23:20]<Lincoln>abe looks at janus
[23:20]<Lincoln>"Is it mushrooms!?"
[23:20]<Lincoln>"I hate mushrooms."
[23:20]* JanusRogostarts moving forward more. "No no no... The thing I hate, above all else? Failure."
[23:20]<Lincoln>"darn, I was close"
[23:20]<JanusRogo>"Do you know what I did for a very, very long time?"
[23:21]<Pig_catapult>"Failed," Epiphany supplies darkly.
[23:21]* JanusRogolaughs and pushes Cass away.
[23:21]<JanusRogo>"Hell, I have no idea if this is real right now."
[23:21]<Cass>"And this is your chance to succeed. If you're nuts, you won't."
[23:22]<JanusRogo>"Do /not/ push me, Old Man."
[23:24]* JanusRogoturns and points at the Captain. "The same goes for you. I find out there's something important you're not telling me, and it pisses me off enough?"
[23:25]* JanusRogochuckles slightly. "Well... You'll need a hell of a lot more than anything you have to stop me."
[23:25]<Lincoln>"You've been given everything you need to know."
[23:25]<Cass>"If you think this is a hallucination, blow your head off right now. If not, stop acting like Tony and start acting like yourself."
[23:26]* JanusRogoreaches over and picks his rifle up.
[23:26]* JanusRogoflips it over, takes it by the barrel, and swings it at Cass. "Fine."
[23:28]* Casstakes the gun and places the barrel against Janus' forehead. "Huh. Didn't think you had it in you."
[23:28]<JanusRogo>You don't have your gun anymore.
[23:28]<JanusRogo>Ah, wait, you picked it up.
[23:29]<Cass>[I thought you were giving me yours, you holding it by the barrel, swung the stock towards me]
[23:29]<JanusRogo>[Like a bat]
[23:30]* Cassducks. "Idiot. If this is real, attacking us screws over your team. Blow your brains out like a soldier."
[23:31]* JanusRogoboots the ducking Cass in the chest. "Tried that, doesn't work."
[23:32]* Cassrolls with the blow and comes up several feet away. "Does killing everyone work?"
[23:33]<JanusRogo>"Let's find out!"
[23:34]<Cass>"Averna, if you would?"
[23:34]<JanusRogo>"No... Better yet? Let's just beat on you until I feel better...."
[23:34]<Pig_catapult>Averna gets up out of her chair and starts walking towards Janus
[23:35]* JanusRogotosses the rifle aside. "Stay out of this, Averna."
[23:35]* Casslevels his gun at Janus. "Let's see how good I really am."
[23:36]<Pig_catapult>". . . Maybe this isn't real," Averna says quietly.
[23:36]<Lincoln>lincoln jumps between janus and cassy
[23:36]<Cass>[just what does his armor cover?]
[23:36]<JanusRogo>[I've got a picture of it]
[23:37]<Cass>"If it isn't real, you can't do anything about it. Might as well enjoy it while it lasts. If it is real, wondering about the question wastes time and energy."
[23:37]<Pig_catapult>"Seems enough like hell to m--" The rest of Averna's sentence is drowned out by Abe
[23:38]<Lincoln>"Can't we all just get along!?"
[23:40]<Lincoln>"we are friends!
[23:40]<JanusRogo>"Aside from you, not lately?"
[23:40]<Lincoln>"friends work things out with words and hugs not fists!"
[23:40]<Pig_catapult>"But it's weird," Averna continues, "that me and the kid had very minor hallucinations back on the ship compared to the ones you guys had."
[23:40]<Cass>"Janus is a danger to the team and me at the moment. The captain is a danger to the entire ship."
[23:41]<Cass>"Averna, maybe it's because you are dead and he's...less emotional."
[23:41]<Pig_catapult>"Or maybe it wanted to trick me into thinking I'd already beat it."
[23:42]<Pig_catapult>"Just maybe."
[23:42]<Lincoln>"Quick! try and confuse the ship!"
[23:42]* JanusRogorolls his eyes. "Tried that."
[23:43]<Pig_catapult>She maneuvers herself in front of Janus and tries to put her hands on his shoulders.
[23:43]<Pig_catapult>"Let's see if this works twice."
[23:43]<Cass>"If so, what can you do, Averna? You either live your life, or you don't. It's up to you."
[23:44]* JanusRogocallously pushes Averna aside and shoves past Abe. "THAT'S IT. LET'S GO OLD MAN."
[23:44]<Pig_catapult>Averna had started leaning forward before Janus pushed her. She scowls.
[23:45]* JanusRogois apparently trying to move past Averna. "Out of the way, now."
[23:45]<Pig_catapult>"One thing first."
[23:45]* Cassinserts the discarded clip. "Stop him before he hurts Lincoln, Averna, or I will."
[23:46]<Pig_catapult>Averna grabs him again, leans in, and plants a kiss on his helmet, on the spot roughly over where his mouth would be.
[23:46]* JanusRogostops. "What."
[23:46]<Lincoln>Lincoln looks incredibly confused
[23:46]<Pig_catapult>Averna glances around. "No flickering."
[23:48]<Pig_catapult>She ponders a moment. "Well, if this IS still just an illusion, I'm willing to go with it."
[23:49]<Pig_catapult>"What," Epiphany joins in.
[23:49]* JanusRogosighs and rubs at the side of his helmet. "I... Alright.... Cass. Cool it, but we're not done with this by a long, long shot. Captain? We need to talk. Now."
[23:50]<Lincoln>the captain appears incredibly amused by all this, he appears to be smiling in full now "and what do we need to talk about?
[23:50]* JanusRogopulls the helmet off. "About why we shouldn't pull you apart, limb from limb. We need to know exactly how this AI is able to incapacitate us. That or we /all/ walk."
[23:51]<JanusRogo>"I know you're not concerned about me, Cass, Abe, or Averna leaving. But tell me..."
[23:51]* Casspicks up the report and hands it to Piff. "Summarize."
[23:51]<Lincoln>physics check piff!
[23:52]<Pig_catapult>one sec
[23:52]* JanusRogogestures to Piff. "What about her? As smart as she is, she'll have a far, far better grasp of what's going on here than we will."
[23:52]<JanusRogo>"And we /will/ go to someone else regarding what happened here."
[23:52]<Pig_catapult>2 + 5 + 1 = 8
[23:53]<Lincoln>given a brief overview, you can say with 99% confidence it wasn't the devices themselves that created the concusive shockwave, but the ship itself
[23:53]<Pig_catapult> /Ship did it. Concussive shockwave./
[23:54]<Pig_catapult>(Can I get an explanation of the how, too?)
[23:56]<Lincoln>(yeah, some kinda psychic energy blast, probably from the hell dimension)
[23:56]<Lincoln>the captain sighs
[23:56]<Lincoln>"listen then, you'll all have to sign NDA's."
[23:57]<Pig_catapult> /Definitely looks Nightmare-Ship-derived, too/
[23:57]<Pig_catapult>Piff nods
[23:58]<Pig_catapult> /Then you'll give us clearance to what we want to know?/
[23:58]<JanusRogo>"Fine, I'll sign it. Test your shit better. And not in the field."
[23:58]<Cass>"Of course. I don't reveal my clients anyways, but I do object to not being given full information."
[23:58]<Lincoln>"to what shit are you referring to?"
[23:59]<Pig_catapult>"The HELL machines, for starters," Averna says.
[00:00]* JanusRogonods in agreement.
[00:00]<Lincoln>"They were tested as fully as they could have without field tests, and how many portals to hell do you know of?"
[00:01]<Pig_catapult>Epiphany writes /It was still negligent to send out human operatives for your initial field test./
[00:01]<Lincoln>he opens a drawer from under the table and pulls out enough NDAs for each of you, acerbus and averna each getting seperate ones
[00:01]<Cass>"Even without the explosion, the ship reacted to them far more than it did to us. And their overclock issues should have been ironed out in the lab."
[00:02]<Lincoln>"And miss our chance to do any tests? You don't seem to realize how rare it is we are able to find one of these things, let alone get close enough to it"
[00:02]<JanusRogo>"Testing is pointless if you lose the prototypes, data, and crews."
[00:02]<Pig_catapult> /That's why you send robots in first./
[00:03]<Cass>"Or you alert your enemies to the location and intercept them during the escape."
[00:03]<Pig_catapult>Averna walks over to pick up one of the forms and starts reading it thoroughly.
[00:04]<Lincoln>"We've tried that before, robots don't work on the ships, or else we would have remotely activted it
[00:04]<Lincoln>averna needs a legalize check
[00:04]<Lincoln>they are all quite heafty
[00:04]<Cass>"And you didn't take that as a sign these things are far too dangerous to take ANY risks with?"
[00:04]<Pig_catapult>uhhhh 2 + 2 + 6 = 10 for legalese
[00:05]* Casstakes another contract.
[00:05]<Pig_catapult>Her int is 10
[00:05]<Lincoln>ah, then she doesn't see any major problems with the contract
[00:06]<Lincoln>"And we should just let them pop in and out of existence as they please?"
[00:07]<Pig_catapult>(Does she notice any /minor/ problems?)
[00:07]<Lincoln>"doing god knows what? Taking over who knows what ship?)
[00:08]* JanusRogotugs off his helmet and sets it on the table. He looks very, very tired.
[00:08]<Lincoln>as far as she can tell it's the usual sort of affair, it's very dense though
[00:08]<Cass>"Blow them up when you encounter them, let everyone else look out for themselves."
[00:08]* JanusRogosighs and scrawls his signature on it. "Now, talk."
[00:09]<Cass>[cass has an 11 law, rolled a 14]
[00:09]<Lincoln>Lincoln takes one and signs it too
[00:09]<Lincoln>Cassy you notice nothing either
[00:09]<Pig_catapult>Averna signs hers.
[00:09]<Cass>[figured. Damn dice]
[00:09]<Pig_catapult>Epiphany also reads hers carefully, and rolls 2 + 3 + 4 = 9
[00:10]* Casssigns it.
[00:10]<Lincoln>[her int is 20 right?"
[00:11]<Lincoln>[cassy what level if difficulty is law?]
[00:12]<Cass>default is ig-6
[00:12]<Cass>[there's a reason I put points into it]
[00:13]<Lincoln>alrighty she found a couple minor problems but again, but nothing out of the ordinary for this sort of contract, though again it is thick in legalize
[00:14]<Pig_catapult>She asks for clarification on those
[00:16]<Lincoln>"Look I'm not a lawyer, I didn't write the NDA, if you want to hear this, fine, sign the form, if not, leave."
[00:17]<Pig_catapult>Piff sighs, but signs the form
[00:18]<Lincoln>[that's everyone right?"
[00:18]<Pig_catapult>(Acerbus hasn't signed)
[00:18]<Pig_catapult>(Didn't occur to Averna)
[00:19]<Lincoln>"Acerbus is going to need to sign it as well"
[00:19]<Cass>"You realize that he honestly would never care enough to spread this, right?"
[00:20]<Lincoln>"I don't make the rules, just enforce them"
[00:21]<Pig_catapult>Averna is silent for a moment, presumably mentally prodding Acerbus. Eventually, he lethargically picks up the pen and signs without even looking at any of it.
[00:21]<Cass>"Plus, any agreement he makes would be considered under duress due to his years of control from Averna, as well as him being technically insane due to his various mental problems"
[00:22]<Lincoln>"hey, I like I said, I don't make the rules, I just enforce them"
[00:22]* JanusRogosighs and takes a seat, resting his head in his hands. "Cass? Please don't make me want to shoot you again."
[00:22]<Pig_catapult>"It's really not that big a deal," Averna says.
[00:22]<Lincoln>"alright, now that we've gotten through that"
[00:23]<Pig_catapult>Averna glances at Acerbus's signature. ". . . That's a painfully ironic last name you got there, kid."
[00:24]* JanusRogoleans over and looks at the signature.
[00:25]* JanusRogoshakes his head.
[00:25]<JanusRogo>"Could be worse."
[00:25]* Cassmoves just slightly to the side.
[00:26]<Lincoln>"The AI is capable of incapacitating you by a pinpoint electrical charge, it temporarily overwhelms your brain, causing you to shut down, it's been test throughly before being outfitted on the ship"
[00:26]<JanusRogo>[Redact "Could be worse." replace with a small chuckle]
[00:27]<JanusRogo>"Where are the emitters? Throughout the ship?"
[00:27]<Lincoln>"though we are the first to actually use it, it's a product that we are planning to release to the public soon, hence the NDA"
[00:28]<Cass>"And how did you get it precise enough? Electricity is predictable, but it gets redirected easily."
[00:28]<JanusRogo>"If it's a directional energy pulse, how will it handle nonconductive material. Most of my armor, for instance?"
[00:30]<Lincoln>"The AI handles the calculations and would fire it from multiple emitters ensuring it doesn't get redirected."
[00:32]* JanusRogofrowns. "That still wouldn't handle complete coverage. Components of the armor could be knocked out, but that'd only affect older, dirt cheap powered suits."
[00:33]<Lincoln>"indeed, a rarity these days"
[00:34]* JanusRogosmiles tightly. "The rare ones are what you've gotta watch out for. Tell me, Captain, did you know my armor wouldn't conduct the charge, or were you just hoping I wouldn't pull the trigger?"
[00:35]<Lincoln>"I never hope."
[00:36]<JanusRogo>"Yet again, Captain. Watch out for the rarities."
[00:37]<Lincoln>"I'll keep that in mind"
[00:37]<JanusRogo>"Your AI, where is it watching? My room? My bathroom?"
[00:38]<Lincoln>"It's got full coverage of the ship."
[00:39]<Pig_catapult>". . . does that include cameras?" Averna asks.
[00:39]<Lincoln>"Full coverage."
[00:40]* JanusRogodrums his fingers. "I trust you know the concepts of invasions of privacy?"
[00:40]<Pig_catapult>". . . Great. Just great. Showering is going to be REAL comfortable knowing that Captain Happy could be watching at any time."
[00:41]<Pig_catapult>Averna shudders a little.
[00:41]<Lincoln>"I don't have access to the cameras, only the AI"
[00:41]<Pig_catapult>"Suuuuuure you don't."
[00:42]<Lincoln>"Believe me or don't, it makes no difference to me"
[00:43]<JanusRogo>"I am not comforted. What are the results of this test? What fucked up?"
[00:45]<Lincoln>The captain skims over the data they got back from the devices
[00:46]<Lincoln>"Looks like when the devices came online, they must have given away your position"
[00:48]<JanusRogo>"The ship couldn't detect us otherwise?"
[00:48]<Pig_catapult>Epiphany looks skeptical
[00:49]<Lincoln>"the ship has various implements to detect you, if you really object, we can remove the cameras."
[00:49]<Pig_catapult>"I really object," Averna says.
[00:50]<JanusRogo>"Uh, actually, I meant the Nightmare ship. But, yes, I do object. Remove the cameras. And microphones."
[00:50]<Lincoln>"then I shall have the techs remove the cameras."
[00:50]<Pig_catapult>"And microphones."
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[00:51]<Lincoln>the captain sighs "and microphones"
[00:52]<Lincoln>"Alright then, anything else?"
[00:52]<Pig_catapult>"I'm good," Averna says.
[00:53]<Pig_catapult>Piff writes, /I don't think I do anything particularly worth spying on anyway./
[00:54]<Cass>"You are free to watch me shower if you have ANY desire to."
[00:54]<Lincoln>The captain laughs at comment
[00:54]<JanusRogo>"Not that I can think of. For now."
[00:55]* JanusRogosighs. "Next time, you get to come with us. Oh, and if you keep secrets like that from me again...."
[01:03]* JanusRogostands up and picks up his gun. "'m gonna go sleep for a while. Don't bother me."
[01:03]<JanusRogo>"Averna... I'll talk to you later. Sleep now."
[01:04]<Pig_catapult>Averna nods.
[01:05]<Lincoln>"That goes to everyone, get some rest, you've earned it."
[01:07]* JanusRogowalks out and heads to his room for sleeeeep.
[01:08]<Pig_catapult>Averna also heads back to her room for a well-deserved nap.
[01:08]<Lincoln>Lincoln takes a nap on the table
[01:09]<Pig_catapult>Epiphany shuffles out and back to her room to work on some homework for her online classes
[01:09]* Cassheads to his room.
[01:19]|<--Cass has left irc.synirc.net (Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout))